Friday, March 6, 2009

Quick Recap for the week

Monday - 5.0 miles - Treadmill run - Very warm and slow, 10:40 avg pace

Tuesday - 2.2 miles - Treadmill at lunch for a quickie - 9:59 avg pace

Wednesday - Out of town no running

Thursday - 5.0 miles - Ran with Annette and Michele to the Community Center for their Women Can Run Clinic then turned around and ran back home. Very warm outside, 72 degrees plus which we are not used to yet. Luckily we had some brisk winds that helped keep me cool. Avg pace 10:35, would have been better but got stuck waiting on city traffic at mile three to cross the road so I had like a 12:23 pace on that one. Other laps were all under 10:19.

Friday - rest day?

Weekend plans - Going to Conway in the morning to watch the 2 mile race then I am biking back to Cabot with some others. Should get around 40 miles biking if not more. Weather is looking perfect for a bike ride other than the winds maybe. Will try to get around 8 miles in Sunday in preparation for the Little Rock 1/2 next weekend.



ShirleyPerly said...

Wow, I think 72 is warmer than we had! (yet another "cold" front)

And you're too honest about including time waiting for a traffic light. I think most runners/cyclists have their devices set so they don't include it ;-)

Cheryl said...

Sounds like you are really getting back into the running/biking again and I don't hear any, dare I say, "injuries", so that is wonderful. I look forward to seeing you at the Marathon on Sunday!