Saturday, November 29, 2008

Trying to Maintain

Just trying to keep my endurance till I can get back to running on Monday. So today my goal was to walk as fast as I could for 1 hour. Actually surprised me how fast it went by, even on the treadmill. Ended up doing a total of 4.5 miles. Jacked up the incline on the treadmill to get my heart rate up and with the fast turnover, it was pretty easy to sit close to 160bpm. Wish I had done more of the walking thing back during the summer. The good thing is it has no impact on my plantar facittis at all. Hope doing this helps, if not I am doomed next weekend at the 1/2.

Walking stats for the day:
4.5 miles - 1:04:16
hit 4.3m in 1:00:00

Does this mean I'm goal oriented since I'm tracking walking pace?? Probably.


Here is the URL for the video in the previous post. I guess Youtube or the owner decided they would no longer allow this one to be embedded. Good video and song though.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Lonestar - Mountains

This is still one of the most motivating songs I know of. It has helped get me through many long runs. Every time I hear it I want to reach down deep for whatever extra is there. Like the song says, "you can't lean on no one else, that's when you find yourself", "the good lord gave us mountains, so we could learn how to climb"........
That's just a few of the words, I think the whole morale of the song is that we all can do outstanding things if we really want to and set our mind to do it. Listen to this next time you need that extra push.

Turkey Day Maximum Fat Burn

Well I got a good pre-thanksgiving meal workout in. Spent 1:18:33 in my home gym. 31:00 minutes on weights, core, abs and threw some leg presses in. Then I hit the treadmill for some walking. It is so hard not to run. Especially when you look at the beautiful weather we are having today. Sunny and 55 or so at 11:30am. Perfect running weather. But, since I had to hold back for a few more days, I challenged myself to see how fast or how much faster I could get just walking.

Actually speed walking is kind of fun. It's a lot like running but you just don't get the miles done as fast. I'm sure there are ways to increase the pace and if I was stuck to walking I'd start playing around with different techniques. As it is I just want to see how much I can improve from the last time. I do know that swinging your arms like in running makes walking faster much easier.

So I started out at 4.0 mph on the treadmill then pretty quickly increased it to 4.3. Varied the incline from flat to 3.0 just get some hills in. Most of the time my heart rate was around 160 or a little less which is almost but not quite where my marathon heart rate normally is. Ended up doing 3 miles in 42:55 which is a 14:18 pace. Kind of funny that I'm trying to lower my pace walking. Again, it really was not bad, even on the dreadmill. It was a fast pace, had to keep my legs turning over pretty good but never running or jogging. Had my garmin on to keep up with my heart rate and it showed an average of 145 for 1:18:33. It didn't calculate my calories for some reason but from experience on the bike, this gets me probably around 1100 calories burnt. Now I can go eat!!

Next time your bored with running or just don't want the impact, try some fast walking and just see how fast you can walk 3 miles. Maybe it will help in your next marathon or event. If nothing else, the lower heart rate will burn a ton of calories.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Not Running

Well my blood tests came back today and they were perfect so here I am, not running till Monday so I can make the doctor happy. I've had no issues since last Thursday when I went to the doctor so now I feel like I did all this for nothing. Guess its better to be safe than sorry but it is messing up my training. I'll go in Monday and pee in a cup just to satisfy the doctor, but I'm 99% sure it will be good. Everything adds up to me now. 1) I was a little dehydrated from being in Vegas the week before. 2) Ran some good tough runs, three 5 milers with no water on any of them and I am not used to that, even when its cool. 3) The cooler weather I have to force myself to drink more water. Since last week I have been drinking a lot more and I can tell the difference. 4) I still think I may have had some kind of bug or something on that Friday and that could have further caused me to dehydrate some. From that, it all makes sense a little, but it sure has screwed up my training for Memphis.

Since I haven't been running, Sunday I had to do something. I did about an hour on the weight machine and also did some core and ab work. Then I hit the treadmill and walked 1.5 miles at a fast pace. And NO, I didn't run. Annette told me, "you better not be running", was kind of funny hearing that. Guess when people tell you that you know you must be a runner that's injured or sick.

Not to be outdone I hit the weights and treadmill again on Monday night. This time I only did a 1 mile walk. Did it in 16 minutes and could have walked a little faster. I really think its not a bad idea to practice speed walking some. I know now that I can at least walk 4 miles per hour with no problem. That would give me about a 6:30 marathon if I walked the whole thing. May have to implement some walking next weekend at the 1/2 in Memphis but I hope not. After I go back to the doc on Monday I'll probably do an 8 or 9 miler on the treadmill. Sounds bad, but I think I can occupy myself better on that then running in the dark probably alone most of the time. I really need one good run with that kind of miles but I feel pretty strong and the 12 miler I did a few weeks back was not that bad at all.

Let me tell ya, it's hard not to run when you can. Much easier not to run when your injured but just waiting is the worst.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Another Racing Season Winds Down

The Spa 10k was held today and it was the last race of the season for the Arkansas Grand Prix Series. I did not get to race it, but there will be another race. Maybe next year.

Sitting here tonight I thought back on the season and the races I did get to run. 12 in fact in the Grand Prix Series not counting many others that were not part of that. There were 22 races in the series this year and Curtis, who is one of the runners on the Cruiser team, ran every one of them. He will be given an Ironman trophy along with not more than 5 others that ran every race. Let me tell you, that is a feat in itself to make every race of the year, all 22 of them! We even raced a 10k on a Saturday this year then drove about 175 miles to run a half marathon the next day. My plantar facittis injury took me out of most of the races since June but I was still able to score some points for the team even running extremely slow.

I'll have to say it's been a fun year and pending a doctor telling me NO I will be running the 1/2 in Memphis in two weeks. Should be a perfect ending to the year in racing.

The Grand Prix will start back up on January 25th and continue till November 28th next year. Only 20 races for 2009 so I hope to run the majority of them. Easy to look forward and say that. But I remember many races that we went to this year that I asked myself why?? Like the Survivor Classic 5K in Fort Smith. 6 hours of driving to run a 5k?? And we didn't even get team points, but we still got our individual points. Not that it helped me much. It still will be a much better finish for me this year compared to last. The past two years I have been competing in the 45-49 year age group which is the toughest and fastest in the state. Next year I will move in the 50+ age group. Times are starting to come down a little so maybe there is still hope for a slow runner like me. Maybe by 60 I can start winning some awards!

Off from running for a few days here but the planning for next year has already begun. Everyone should start thinking about their goals for next year and how to achieve them. I know I will be.

Happy running!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Even the best of plans get messed up

Well I am officially not running the Spa 10k this weekend.

Ever since I was sick last Friday I had noticed different and weird colors in my urine. Not really anything unusual as endurance sports does cause different colors due to hydration levels. I just figured that I was dehydrated. With the cooler weather I know I'm not drinking enough water and I have been running longer without drinking than normal. Rested all day Saturday, drank a lot of water. Rested Sunday then ran again 3 miles. Monday started getting the weird colors again. Got some cranberry juice and started drinking that. Have been feeling fine all through that. Felt great yesterday and then saw just a very small drop of blood in my urine. Figured it was time to call the doc then.

Went today and saw my doc. Had me do a pee test. He said there was microscopic blood particles in it and that he thinks its just from the running. Seems there is a condition called "Joggers Hermaturia", where the bladder bounces around and the bouncing can cause blood. I guess it's pretty common in runners and probably a lot of people don't even realize that its happening. In fact, he told me he had a local runner in there today with the exact same problem, and that he knew I knew them but he couldn't say who it was. Weird to have two with this kind of problem the same day in a small town like Cabot.

He also ran some blood tests to check my kidney functions but I won't know the results on that for a day or so. They said they would call me. He told me that he would like for me to not run for 10 days then get checked again. If nothing shows up then it's most likely caused from running. If something does show up, then they want to do a CT Scan and run a tube up places I don't want. Yuck.

So there you have it, I can run, but I can't run. It still leaves me open to run the half in Memphis I suppose if everything is OK. 10 days off will for sure hurt my chances for a PR. Sure wish the weather was warmer so I could bike more.

Hope to know more soon, till then I'll be thinking about all of you running in the cold while I'm warm and getting fat!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday Night

Feeling much better today. Still not sure what the heck I had or have. Did run 3 miles Sunday afternoon but it wasn't at all pleasant. I was really disappointed in missing my chance at a great weeks worth of mileage.

This week is COLD. Took Monday off to get well and tonight I had Fire Department training which was basically a bitch session on what needs fixed in the department. It is so hard to have happy people in a volunteer organization and then you add all males, with a bunch of macho, I know more than you type people and your going to have bitching. Like I told them all last week, business is slow (no fires) so everyone has more time on their hands so all they have to do is gripe and moan about whats not getting done and who is not doing any work. And wait till there is an officers position open. Talk about one being better than the other. It's not the pay that's for sure, because that equals ZERO. So why would someone even want to be an officer? More responsibility? More to do? Well, some just want to be able to boss people around and then there are some that just want to have a tittle. The best do it because they are leaders.

When it's all said and done, when it's time to do battle with the fiery beast, we do all come together and will do whatever it takes to get the job done to save life or property. Most of all, we will take care of each other. After all, we are brothers, and brothers always fight but we are still family always no matter what.

Not sure where I was going with that but back to running, I still plan to run the Spa 10k Saturday if I'm feeling good. Hoping to get a run in Wednesday night and maybe Thursday too. Suppose to be cold, may opt out for the treadmill. We shall see.

Stay warm and safe out there.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Down for the count

Had a good run Thursday night, again meeting up at Michele's for another 5 miler. This was supposed to be a little easier and it was to a degree. We ran the Krooked Creek area so it wasn't quite as hilly as Blooming Ridge is but it still had the rolling hills. Ended up with a 10:27 pace for non-stop 5 miles.

Now I am sick. Friday morning I didn't feel really good then about 10am I started having hot flashes and sweating. Fever. I actually felt like I do when I give blood and almost pass out. Not sure what was up with that. Ended up going home once I felt like I could drive. Must have had fever the rest of the day. Just achy, sometimes hot and sometimes cold. Still ended up working from home as we had several conference calls scheduled. It was so hard to sit on the phone for 30-45 minutes at a time. I almost fell asleep a couple times. From 10:30 till 4:30 was on and off calls so I was never so glad when they were done. Felt achy and like I could barely move last night.

Much better this morning but no where near 100%. I'm thinking it must be a bug that's been going around. All I know is that after a great week of training, I may end up missing my long run. I guess I will know tomorrow as to how I feel. I am not planning on anything early tomorrow for sure. I really needed about 13 miles, but I guess I'll get whatever I get. Kind of frustrating, if its not work stuff its injuries or now sickness keeping me from getting my miles.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Another Fast 5

Last night I met up with Annette, Michele, Brenda and Kelly at Michele's house for what was supposed to be your normal everyday run. Annette, Brenda and Michele started a little early and Kelly and I ran about half a mile or so to warm up before we saw them. Then we were off to the races.

Michele was on fire last night. We were all having trouble staying up with her. We were running through Blooming ridge which is nothing but rolling hills. To make things even harder, it had to be 100% humidity or close to it because it was foggy and the streets were all wet. If anyone would have taken a walk break I would have too but we didn't and we all just kept running. Not much conversation going on, we were all gasping for air it seemed. I wrote it off to the humidity then afterwards when I saw my splits I knew I was running at almost 10k race pace. Even towards the end Brenda let Michele go on. They had gotten ahead of the rest of us and they had to be running 8:30 miles.

I finished with 5.01 miles for the night. When we walked the last block as a cool down Kelly said she felt like she was about to get sick. It was one of those runs. Great training though for the upcoming Spa 10K next weekend.

Here are my splits.....I'm still amazed. I have never ran this route this fast. It has some tough hills!
5.01 miles - 49:37 - 9:55 avg.

Monday, November 10, 2008

5 Milers

I didn't even get to blog about last Monday nights run with Annette, Brenda and Jane so I will now. As some of you may know, Annette had just ran the Wynne Marathon on that previous Saturday. So Monday night was her first night to run again. She was determined to get 5 miles and of course I told her she didn't need that many but that was like talking to a brick wall.

We started out from the Community Center at 6:15pm, it was about 55 degrees so not too hot and not too cold. My goal was to do 5 miles and stay around a 10:30 pace. First mile we ended up with a 10:26. Right on pace. Then Annette started getting faster. Second mile was a 10:07. I started asking her what was going on and that she better slow down. Think that fueled the fire maybe. Third mile was a 10:04. Still getting faster. OK, I was starting to feel like I was in a race just to keep up. By mile 4 Jane was thinking the same thing. Of course Brenda runs low 9's so she was comfortable. We started kidding Annette asking her if we made her mad or something. You are not suppose to run like this after just doing a marathon! Well, mile 4 was even faster. 9:46. I guess I started running out of gas cause mile 5 slowed to a 10:01. Thank god it was over! I know that's not that fast for some but it was fast for me just coming off an injury. if I had been racing a 10k, I would have had a PR.

Final time was 5.0 miles in 50:30 for a 10:06 average pace. I loved the negative splits too! Best of all, I never had a walk break or even water. 5 miles solid running and really it was at a comfortable pace.

This is kinda starting to freak me out. I have always been one who liked to run/walk. Now, all of a sudden I can run 5 miles non stop, not even wanting to stop. And my legs and foot felt great which even more so made me question what was going on. Maybe my recovery is over and I'm back in race mode.

Didn't get to run while I was in Vegas but I did get a lot of walking. I roughly figured it up and I walked at least 22 miles in the two and a half days I was there. Didn't run Sunday, my feet and legs were a little sore from all the walking so I figured I would just call it a week. Only 5 miles logged running so that sucked but I think with all the walking it really had no affect on hurting my training.

Tonight i ran 5 miles on the treadmill. And again, non-stop, no water..................this is becoming a habit, and a good one for me I think. Now I'm starting to wonder how far I can go. 6 miles? 7 miles? 10? Do the whole half? Well, I know I will have to walk to drink a little, especially in the half. By the way, I am officially signed up for the Memphis Half Marathon. I will also be doing the Spa 10k in two weeks so that will be a prep race for the half to get a feel of what I can and can't do. My goals for both are new PR's which I think are realistic and achievable. We shall see.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


I have been in Vegas since Wednesday for Automotive Repair Week. Has been very busy, dinner with BASF on Wednesday night. Almost all day Thursday was spent at the NACE Trade Show which is all about auto body repair equipment. Thursday night was a party at House of Blues put on by Enterprise Rent a Car. Then me and my counter part from St Louis headed out on the town, ending up at Coyote Ugly at New York New York till almost 2am. What a fun place!! Not even standing room it is so packed.

Friday was spent at the SEMA Show. This is "THE SHOW" for anything automotive. Though it was obvious attendance was down. This is all about specialty equipment, oems, pretty much anything automotive or custom. Guess you could say its a lot of bling bling. Can't say how many miles it covers in the convention center and outside. It is dominated by west coast people that's for sure. If you love cars this is the show, which the general public can't get in unless your in the business. I do have to give a thumbs up for ESPN Sports Zone at New York New York. Best food, best service I have had in Vegas.

We stayed at the Hampton Inn Tropicana which is off the strip but a nice hotel. Not in the best neighborhood but within walking distance of the strip which we did. I don't know yet how many miles of walking I did but it has to be at least 30. Hope I can count that as training miles!!

Here are some pics from Vegas and the SEMA show. I am off to catch a plane back to Little Rock!

Whats Vegas without the fountains at Belagio

Just a view

New Dodge Truck

Chrome Paint

Big ass truck!! And people buy these to drive around.

My next Ford Truck-The Raptor

You can't buy this on the showroom yet, totally custom

This is a Pontiac, like an El Camino

Black Camaro

Yellow Camaro Custom

One of my favorites- new "Cuda"

Another BIG truck - flat paint color is in

Totally Show SSR - everything opens to music

Monday, November 3, 2008

Sweat Gutr

For those of you like me whose head sweats buckets, I have finally found the perfect solution. Ever since I started running I have tried hats, sweat bands, bondi bands, nothing, towels, anything to keep the sweat out of my eyes. Well, I have found the one. It's called the Sweat Gutr. It's kind of like a head band but its made out of plastic, just over 1/4 inch wide and you wrap it around your head. In the front it has a gutter or channel that the sweat will run into and then it goes off to the side. In my case it felt like it went to the back of my head which is awesome.

There is nothing more frustrating then having to stop your run to wipe sweat from your eyes and so far, after using it on two runs, I have yet to get any in my eyes. I could feel a little building up on my brow but I could have probably lowered the gutr and that wouldn't have happened. In any case, I'd highly recommend one of these. Will be great on the bike too, in fact that's what it is designed for I think. Another good thing is you can wear a hat with it and it doesn't get in the way, unlike a sweat band or bondi band. I couldn't even tell I had it on.

Here is a picture and the link to their website. Most bike shops have these.

PS: I will take sponsorships :)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trying Something New

Ever since I started running I have been more of a run/walk type of runner. A lot of times I would run really fast, then burn out, have to walk, then do it again. Sometimes I just didn't have the endurance. Sometimes I think it was just mental. Sometimes maybe I thought that walking would make my legs feel better, even if it was just a short 30 seconds. Something has changed as of today. Not sure if its endurance, weather, or just some mental block I had to over come but today was different. Today I never even wanted to walk.

This morning's run was suppose to be a recovery run from yesterdays 12 miler. So when I started out I thought I'd just try and stay around a 10:30 pace. I needed 4 miles to hit my goal for the week so to top it off, I challenged myself not to walk during any of it. I didn't take water so I couldn't use a water break for an excuse. The new sweat gutr was even working good so no sweat in my eyes. First mile went good, 10:29. Second mile, slow and steady 10:28. Third mile I decided to pick things up a little at times then ease back some. Had a 10:09 for it. Fourth mile was a 10:15 and I ended up getting an extra .2 on top of that. And it was hot. The sun had gotten up good as I didn't start till about 9 so when I was running without shade I was sweating pretty good. My breathing almost amazed me. It was almost like walking. And no lactic acid build up in my legs. They felt great, no foot pain. I'd have to say this was almost the perfect run. 4.2 miles, 10:18 average pace and negative splits to top it off. I was pretty happy. And that was slow and steady, not pushing anything. Just strictly endurance training. Why can't all my runs be like this?

Recovery has been great so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I have pretty much decided to run the half at Memphis and try to have a big PR. I really want to do the full but I know my best bet is to do the half and keep training for Huntington Beach in February. If things continue as they have, I will have an awesome marathon then. Doing the full at Memphis would not be pretty, but I could do it. And I am still not ruling it out 100%, but at least 90% anyway.

I am off to Vegas on Wednesday to attend a trade show for work so I will be limited on how much I can run this coming week. It's suppose to be a back down week on my schedule anyway but who wants to back down?? I just want to get better and faster. I am hoping slow and steady will get me there.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Saturday Run

Sorry for the lack of posting this week. Annette and I left Monday morning for meetings in Memphis and didn't get back till late Tuesday. Seems like from there on I have been playing catch up. I did manage one mid week run. 4 miles on the treadmill on Wednesday night. Was one of those nights that I was lucky just to get it done. Always seems harder to get my runs in during the week.

Saturday morning I met up with a bunch of the Cruisers at Central Elementary. I wanted 10 miles minimum. Annette, Kelly, Michele and some others were off doing the Wynne Mid-South Marathon as a "suppose to be" training run. Jane did not go so I ended up running with her from the school. Brenda and some of the other fast girls left us in the dust but that was ok. We kept up a great pace I thought. First 6 miles was a 10:23 average and I felt good. Started slowing some after that for some reason but unlike last weekend's long run, I never had any pains in my knees or legs. The foot was ok, not perfect by no means but not painful. More or less just a nagging type of low pain at times. Pretty much what I dealt with before orthotics.

The weather was great, start of the run was 52 degrees and humid at 6am. First 6 miles was pretty much in the dark which is good. We couldn't see the hills! Not many on the route we took but there were a few. Not many walk breaks either. Pretty much only a short water break every two miles and I could have gone furthur. I figured I better practice what I'd do in the marathon though and I will definatly need water every two miles at least.

I'll have to say Jane is a great running partner, helped get me through Tulsa injured last year and today was no different. I know she could have run faster than me today and I was thankfull to have the company. I actually hit the 10 mile mark with a 10:46 average pace, the same as my 10 miler last weekend. We ended up adding on a little at the end to make it 12 miles total. I wasn't sure how I would feel or if I could do 12 but when we had hit 11 I knew I was going to do 12 and I'm glad I did.

Here were my splits, there at the end I should have kept pushing a little harder.
Total Run - 12 Miles - 2:11:10 - 10:56 avg pace

By the way congratulations to Annette, Kelly and Michele. Finished the Wynne Marathon in 5:28. Good training run!!