Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trying Something New

Ever since I started running I have been more of a run/walk type of runner. A lot of times I would run really fast, then burn out, have to walk, then do it again. Sometimes I just didn't have the endurance. Sometimes I think it was just mental. Sometimes maybe I thought that walking would make my legs feel better, even if it was just a short 30 seconds. Something has changed as of today. Not sure if its endurance, weather, or just some mental block I had to over come but today was different. Today I never even wanted to walk.

This morning's run was suppose to be a recovery run from yesterdays 12 miler. So when I started out I thought I'd just try and stay around a 10:30 pace. I needed 4 miles to hit my goal for the week so to top it off, I challenged myself not to walk during any of it. I didn't take water so I couldn't use a water break for an excuse. The new sweat gutr was even working good so no sweat in my eyes. First mile went good, 10:29. Second mile, slow and steady 10:28. Third mile I decided to pick things up a little at times then ease back some. Had a 10:09 for it. Fourth mile was a 10:15 and I ended up getting an extra .2 on top of that. And it was hot. The sun had gotten up good as I didn't start till about 9 so when I was running without shade I was sweating pretty good. My breathing almost amazed me. It was almost like walking. And no lactic acid build up in my legs. They felt great, no foot pain. I'd have to say this was almost the perfect run. 4.2 miles, 10:18 average pace and negative splits to top it off. I was pretty happy. And that was slow and steady, not pushing anything. Just strictly endurance training. Why can't all my runs be like this?

Recovery has been great so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I have pretty much decided to run the half at Memphis and try to have a big PR. I really want to do the full but I know my best bet is to do the half and keep training for Huntington Beach in February. If things continue as they have, I will have an awesome marathon then. Doing the full at Memphis would not be pretty, but I could do it. And I am still not ruling it out 100%, but at least 90% anyway.

I am off to Vegas on Wednesday to attend a trade show for work so I will be limited on how much I can run this coming week. It's suppose to be a back down week on my schedule anyway but who wants to back down?? I just want to get better and faster. I am hoping slow and steady will get me there.


Susan said...

Congrats! And I hope you can get some runs in while in Vegas.

Anonymous said...

Arland - GREAT job!!! Like you I didn't believe the "no walk" method would work for me either. I remember saying to Dennis "EVEN ON A 20-miler" and he said "YES". My last 2 20-milers I have not walked one step and they have been great.
Keep up the good work.

Arland said...

Susan, wish I would have time to run in Vegas but I know that won't happen. I will get a LOT of walking in so maybe I can count those miles!

Arland said...

Brenda, I'm going to try it again on my next run probably tonight. Maybe it was a fluke.....drinking will be when I will have to walk probably, but I can drink with my hydration system but not cups. All depends on how the legs feel.

Cheryl said...

If you sign up for the Memphis 1/2 you can hang out with me and Kim till the girls come in!

Arland said...

I am signed up for the half at Memphis as of Friday so we will see you guys there!