Saturday, November 22, 2008

Another Racing Season Winds Down

The Spa 10k was held today and it was the last race of the season for the Arkansas Grand Prix Series. I did not get to race it, but there will be another race. Maybe next year.

Sitting here tonight I thought back on the season and the races I did get to run. 12 in fact in the Grand Prix Series not counting many others that were not part of that. There were 22 races in the series this year and Curtis, who is one of the runners on the Cruiser team, ran every one of them. He will be given an Ironman trophy along with not more than 5 others that ran every race. Let me tell you, that is a feat in itself to make every race of the year, all 22 of them! We even raced a 10k on a Saturday this year then drove about 175 miles to run a half marathon the next day. My plantar facittis injury took me out of most of the races since June but I was still able to score some points for the team even running extremely slow.

I'll have to say it's been a fun year and pending a doctor telling me NO I will be running the 1/2 in Memphis in two weeks. Should be a perfect ending to the year in racing.

The Grand Prix will start back up on January 25th and continue till November 28th next year. Only 20 races for 2009 so I hope to run the majority of them. Easy to look forward and say that. But I remember many races that we went to this year that I asked myself why?? Like the Survivor Classic 5K in Fort Smith. 6 hours of driving to run a 5k?? And we didn't even get team points, but we still got our individual points. Not that it helped me much. It still will be a much better finish for me this year compared to last. The past two years I have been competing in the 45-49 year age group which is the toughest and fastest in the state. Next year I will move in the 50+ age group. Times are starting to come down a little so maybe there is still hope for a slow runner like me. Maybe by 60 I can start winning some awards!

Off from running for a few days here but the planning for next year has already begun. Everyone should start thinking about their goals for next year and how to achieve them. I know I will be.

Happy running!


Cheryl said...

That's a pretty big accomplishment, 12 races?? just in the Grand Prix! at times I was asking myself the same thing, why are they driving hours to run a 5K? especially when gas was so high!

I am amazed at all the races you guys were able to run, I'm not sure how many I did this year, but I think around 6-8, MAYBE, and it's expensive! especially since there are 2 people in your house doing them!

Get well and stay positive about Memphis, WE WILL SEE YOU in Memphis!

ShirleyPerly said...

That is an incredible number of races in a series! Our local series has only 9, I think, but none are over an hour drive away. I can't imagine driving more than an hour for a 5K.

Fingers crossed for Memphis!

Susan said...

Well you sure don't look almost-50!

I am thinking of my 2009 schedule already. I have high hopes! We'll see what baby Isaac has to say about that...

Thanks for the shoe advice.