Monday, November 3, 2008

Sweat Gutr

For those of you like me whose head sweats buckets, I have finally found the perfect solution. Ever since I started running I have tried hats, sweat bands, bondi bands, nothing, towels, anything to keep the sweat out of my eyes. Well, I have found the one. It's called the Sweat Gutr. It's kind of like a head band but its made out of plastic, just over 1/4 inch wide and you wrap it around your head. In the front it has a gutter or channel that the sweat will run into and then it goes off to the side. In my case it felt like it went to the back of my head which is awesome.

There is nothing more frustrating then having to stop your run to wipe sweat from your eyes and so far, after using it on two runs, I have yet to get any in my eyes. I could feel a little building up on my brow but I could have probably lowered the gutr and that wouldn't have happened. In any case, I'd highly recommend one of these. Will be great on the bike too, in fact that's what it is designed for I think. Another good thing is you can wear a hat with it and it doesn't get in the way, unlike a sweat band or bondi band. I couldn't even tell I had it on.

Here is a picture and the link to their website. Most bike shops have these.

PS: I will take sponsorships :)

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ShirleyPerly said...

Yes, my husband, who is a heavy sweater, has one and finds it very useful on hot rides. I think he could actually use a double gutr ;-)