Thursday, November 13, 2008

Another Fast 5

Last night I met up with Annette, Michele, Brenda and Kelly at Michele's house for what was supposed to be your normal everyday run. Annette, Brenda and Michele started a little early and Kelly and I ran about half a mile or so to warm up before we saw them. Then we were off to the races.

Michele was on fire last night. We were all having trouble staying up with her. We were running through Blooming ridge which is nothing but rolling hills. To make things even harder, it had to be 100% humidity or close to it because it was foggy and the streets were all wet. If anyone would have taken a walk break I would have too but we didn't and we all just kept running. Not much conversation going on, we were all gasping for air it seemed. I wrote it off to the humidity then afterwards when I saw my splits I knew I was running at almost 10k race pace. Even towards the end Brenda let Michele go on. They had gotten ahead of the rest of us and they had to be running 8:30 miles.

I finished with 5.01 miles for the night. When we walked the last block as a cool down Kelly said she felt like she was about to get sick. It was one of those runs. Great training though for the upcoming Spa 10K next weekend.

Here are my splits.....I'm still amazed. I have never ran this route this fast. It has some tough hills!
5.01 miles - 49:37 - 9:55 avg.

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Anonymous said...

Arland- watch out with those split times!! The men's Olympic team might be after you!! Those are awesome! Great job!!