Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Not Running

Well my blood tests came back today and they were perfect so here I am, not running till Monday so I can make the doctor happy. I've had no issues since last Thursday when I went to the doctor so now I feel like I did all this for nothing. Guess its better to be safe than sorry but it is messing up my training. I'll go in Monday and pee in a cup just to satisfy the doctor, but I'm 99% sure it will be good. Everything adds up to me now. 1) I was a little dehydrated from being in Vegas the week before. 2) Ran some good tough runs, three 5 milers with no water on any of them and I am not used to that, even when its cool. 3) The cooler weather I have to force myself to drink more water. Since last week I have been drinking a lot more and I can tell the difference. 4) I still think I may have had some kind of bug or something on that Friday and that could have further caused me to dehydrate some. From that, it all makes sense a little, but it sure has screwed up my training for Memphis.

Since I haven't been running, Sunday I had to do something. I did about an hour on the weight machine and also did some core and ab work. Then I hit the treadmill and walked 1.5 miles at a fast pace. And NO, I didn't run. Annette told me, "you better not be running", was kind of funny hearing that. Guess when people tell you that you know you must be a runner that's injured or sick.

Not to be outdone I hit the weights and treadmill again on Monday night. This time I only did a 1 mile walk. Did it in 16 minutes and could have walked a little faster. I really think its not a bad idea to practice speed walking some. I know now that I can at least walk 4 miles per hour with no problem. That would give me about a 6:30 marathon if I walked the whole thing. May have to implement some walking next weekend at the 1/2 in Memphis but I hope not. After I go back to the doc on Monday I'll probably do an 8 or 9 miler on the treadmill. Sounds bad, but I think I can occupy myself better on that then running in the dark probably alone most of the time. I really need one good run with that kind of miles but I feel pretty strong and the 12 miler I did a few weeks back was not that bad at all.

Let me tell ya, it's hard not to run when you can. Much easier not to run when your injured but just waiting is the worst.


ShirleyPerly said...

Maybe Santa should bring you a trainer for Xmas? Nice to have an alternative indoor activity that can still provide a high level of physical exertion yet with considerably less pounding.

Glad to hear the tests results show no problems.

Arland said...

Well I actually do have a trainer, just haven't took the time to set the bike up on it plus I have to change my back tire out to do it. I did do some time on the exercise bike but its not fun at all.

Susan said...

Congrats on the test results!

Now that I am 99% walking every time, I have also learned the value of walking.