Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Best Run Ever

Do you ever have those runs where everything just seems to click and feel right?

Today was one of those days. And it makes no sense at all. I hadn't ran since Thursday and last night we went to the Twisters game with Rock, Tim, Kelly, Robert and some others. Several beers and margaritas later we didn't get home till midnight. So no early run.

I felt like a slacker so finally about 11:45am I took off for a run. I figured up front that this would be a miserable run. It was sunny outside, temp wasn't bad, around 62 but the wind was 19 mph and gusting to 32. I decided I needed the IPOD for one thing and I was also going to try out my Brooks Racing Flats.

Maybe it was the wind, maybe the ipod, maybe the racing flats. Maybe it was margaritas! Whatever it was, it felt like the best run I ever had. Not once did I even breathe hard. It was just going to be a relaxed pace run anyway, running to Fred's and back. I did purposely run the first mile slower but I mainly just enjoyed being outside, running, feeling the wind and listening to my ipod. The only thoughts I tried to have about running was about my form. I'd run through my checklist and make sure I was kicking my legs, pumping my arms right, etc etc.

Usually on this training route I almost always walk at least once just to break the boredom. Not today. Steady and speedy was the case. And not once did I try to run fast or hard. Just swing and breathe. I also thought about my mom since it is mothers day and she has been gone from us for over a year now. I think she must have came and visited me because this run was just almost spiritual. Weird, I don't understand it, must have been in the zone.

Here were my splits:
Total miles - 3.35
Time - 31:59
Avg. Pace - 9:33

This You Tube Video is from the movie Forest Gump. This is what happens when you are in the zone!! I think I could have done that today.


Susan said...

Speedy Gonzalez!

Anonymous said...

It's called RUNNER'S HIGH!!! and you experienced it. Arland, I have experienced this quite a few times and always running by myself with my IPOD. Once at the lake I run a quarter mile past my turn I was so "into the zone".

VERY speedy times!!