Thursday, May 8, 2008

Marathon Recovery

I'll be honest, I haven't been very good at this. Racing a 10K a week after a marathon is a no no but we did it anyway. I don't think Coach Dennis was too happy with us. I am trying to be better the rest of this week.

Tuesday night at the clinic most everyone was either in race recovery or still in marathon recovery. Dennis just had everyone do a little over 4 mile run and it was fun. We had a big group, ran all the way out to Stagecoach Elementary from the track and back. Those that were more recovered threw in some farhtleks to their workout. The rest of us just ran.

I have asked Coach Dennis to put me a summer schedule together so I can have a program to follow. For the next 10 weeks I basically have nothing but 5k's that I am racing then I will start back into fall marathon training.

Here were my stats from Tuesday night. I slowed down at the end to talk.
Total miles - 4.77
Time - 47:50
Avg pace - 10:02
1- 9:47
5- 9:47

On another note Annette will soon be biking. Last weekend we ordered her a new Specialized Dolce Elite ladies specific road bike. This will be great cross training during the summer and a lot of fun.

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Susan said...

Yay for Annette!

I'm glad you have a schedule ahead of you. That always helps me!