Sunday, January 4, 2009

Getting Organized

I took on the task this weekend of totally redoing my home office. Well, not completely. It was more like a clean up. And a major one at that! To get me motivated I bought a new computer system. I have been needing one for a while as the one I have been using has the hard drives full and not enough memory or processor power to get the things done that I want to do. I did the research and found the best deal for the money. I ended up with a Gateway DX4200 along with a 19" flat screen monitor from Best Buy.

The computer is a pretty powerful one. It has an AMD Phenom X4 Processor which is a quad core processor. 4GB of memory and a 600GB hard drive along with a built in media card reader. I have never used Vista before so I am learning but this thing is so fast its unbelievable. When you click on something you are there. The quad core processor helps a lot with that along with the 4GB of memory. Vista is a memory hog. About the only thing you can get in store bought equipment but the more I use it the more I like it.

I did learn a lot about processors though in my research. There are so many different ones now days a normal person would have no idea what to choose. Well, you have to choose what you can afford and something that is going to be able to handle whatever work you do with the computer. A good example is I found that Wal Mart has some what appears to be good deals on computers. But when you look at some of the processor's, they have some of the cheaper ones. Everything else looks good, but they get you on the processor. There are AMD, Pentium's, Celerons, and the list goes on. Then you have single, dual core, core duos, X3's, quad core, etc etc. Bottom line, if your buying a new computer, do a little research on the processor speeds. You might just find that deal you think you are getting is actually cheap for a reason.

Back to the office. I have an L shaped desk. So I spent all afternoon Saturday clearing it and throwing junk away and reorganizing what was left. Ended up being almost 4 hours time before I ever got the new computer hooked up. That was the easy part, redoing the desk was the task. I don't know how so much stuff just accumulates. I also moved a 15" flat screen monitor I was using in my Ham Shack upstairs to the office and hooked it up to my old computer. It's small and out of the way so I can still access my old files easily.

I spent most of the afternoon cleaning out the closet which also was filled with junk. I used to have a bad habit of saving every box. So I had printer boxes, a laptop box, and the list went on. There was a four shelf rack in the closet I wanted to use so clearing that off was what took time. I did end up rearranging the computer on my desk again.

I'm pretty happy with the whole arrangement and this was a long over due project. I still need a couple hours work to clear one more bookcase and finish off the closet. No telling when that will get done, and if not soon its still 110% better than what it was.

Now I have at least a fairly nice and neat desk with a good work area if I need it. I was really hoping the weather would have been nice this afternoon so I could have biked. As most know we had drizzle and cold move in early so that canceled that. Should have rode Saturday but once I got started on the office I really didn't want to quit. Not sure how much of the kidney stone is left now. I have been drinking fluids all weekend like crazy. Haven't had any pain yesterday or today so maybe some of it has passed. All I have to do to tell is run.

Have a good week and if you can't work out, get those inside projects done.

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Susan said...

Way to go! I looooooove to organize. In fact, I have considered being a Professional Organizer as a side career.

I agree; when the weather's bad, get those inside projects done!