Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Back on the Bike

I officially started back on the bike this evening. Since I am tapering for Nashville some good cross training was the perfect choice. The temperature was 70 degrees but it was extremely windy. It felt good feeling those quads burn a little for a change. If it wasn't for all the traffic around here it would have been a very fun ride. Afterwards I did about 30 minutes of core work and did some of the leg firing exercises that Coach Dennis suggested.

The bike worked flawlessly. I had been having some trouble shifting from the small ring to the big ring but a few weeks back I did some adjusting. I think it's better now than it was when it was new.

Not a long ride but burnt a little fat off anyway.
10.14 miles
Average speed - 15.3 (includes heavy wind and stop signs)
549 Calories

Need to run Thursday night.

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Susan said...

I'm about to become a REAL cyclist. I got good news at the foot doc today!!!