Thursday, September 18, 2008

Feeling better

Finally feeling quite a bit better. The stomach issues have just about gone away so hopefully that is over. I have never had pains like that before.

This week is becoming pretty much a wash out as far as any training goes. I have business associates in town since yesterday and they won't be gone till Friday afternoon. So basically I am stuck from 8am-8pm with them. Not that that's bad, its just bad for any training I needed to do. If I hadn't been so far behind on sleep I could get up early and get a run in. Maybe tomorrow morning. Just not enough time in the days this week.

I desperately need some bike miles. Next weekend is the Big Dam Bridge 100. I was ready for it, now I am starting to doubt my sanity in doing 100 miles. I just need to get on the bike though and things will be fine. I had been training super hard so hopefully slacking for a couple weeks won't mess me up too bad. I am concerned though at this point. At least from Sunday on I have nothing on the schedule to mess my training up. I hope to get at least a 50 miler in on Sunday if the stomach will cooperate.

What about running? I have some decisions to make pretty fast. If I can't start ramping up some miles quickly my fall marathon hopes are over. I might as well call it a season and be done. We shall see.

I test Saturday for IFSAC Driver/Pump Operator and have had no time to study this week. Which means I will have Friday night only to cram 80 hours worth of studying in. If I pass the test it will be a miracle. I can retest up to 3 times without going through the whole 80 hour course again. Could someone please put more hours in a day!

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