Saturday, October 4, 2008

A New Lady In My Life

Yes, that's correct.

She is very pretty.

She is a red head.

She can be very flashy at times.

She loves playing in water.

She has very shinny teeth.

Guess you could say she is a BBW......or BB something.

Actually she was just conceived this year and by years end will weigh close to 18,000 lbs.

She is a big lady...........and will someday save lives, property and make a difference in someone's life.

If you haven't guessed already she is actually a fire truck. We just received the cab/chassis on our new engine this week. Today I met with Darrell at David's Fire to look at the truck and get some photo's. It is a VERY nice truck. It's a 2009 model Spartan chassis and when it's complete will have a Reliable Fire Equipment bed. Darrell, who is one of our Captains will be building the bed from the ground up, doing all the aluminum welding along with designing and painting it. He will also be doing the wiring and all the plumbing for the pump. He even builds the poly water tank. Talk about talent!

A few specs:
Cummins 360 HP engine - top speed about 66mph
Allison Automatic Transmission
Dual stage Waterous Fire Pump
Automatic tire chains
Completed bed will have roll up rescue doors
1000 gallon poly water tank
All lighting will be LED
Dual sirens, dual air horns
Will meet 2009 NFPA and EPA Standards

Here are a few photo's of my lady, whom I will soon be her Captain. Completion time should be around 90 days from now.

Front view-2009 Spartan Chassis -there will be a front mounted suction along with a trash line. You can see the dual sirens and dual air horns in the bumper.

Drivers side view. When done there will also be white reflective stripes at the bottom and chrome wheel covers

There will be a full LED lighting package, some are already on the truck

Both doors have this on the inside when you open them

This is the console, which will eventually house VHF and 800 megahertz radios along with siren control box

Crew air pack seats in the back. The captain's seat also will be air pack equipped

Two extra jump seats in the rear. Gives total crew capacity of 6 firefighters.

This is the first stage of building the pump panel. The pump itself is in the center. It will have two, 200ft pre-connected crosslays of hose mounted towards the bottom of the pump panel.

This will be the only time you see her bare butt!

As the truck progresses I hope to post more pictures of her progress so check back often.

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