Monday, October 6, 2008

Training Summary First Week of October

Since I was out of town almost all week I was pleasantly surprised to end up with much of anything this week. No bike miles unfortunately. I guess after last weekends 100 miler I just didn't have it in me but then again I was enjoying running. New shoes put a new spring in my step!

Monday - 2 mile run in the neighborhood. Pretty much a terrible run. It was hot and humid, just didn't feel it. 11:39 average pace. I could probably walk that fast.

Wednesday - out of town but got 1.5 miles on the treadmill at the hotel in my new shoes. Felt pretty good but there was no air circulation so it was pretty bad.

Saturday - AWESOME run. 5.2 miles in the neighborhood. Met up with Annette, Jane and Kelly while they were doing their long run. Gave Kelly a ride back to her car and then met up with Annette and Jane for more. The foot felt good and I felt a little faster. The air was cool and that helped a lot. Glad they were on about mile 11 or 12......made me seem fast to them, lol. Slugged out an 11:22 average pace. I would have ran probably 9:40's or better back in May for this distance.

Sunday - Should have rested but wanted to test the cool air. Still didn't even get out till around 8:30ish. The sun was up so it really wasn't cool then. Did 3.0 miles with almost a mile of it being on the grass at the soccer fields. Average pace 10:40 and had more to give. First mile was a 10:19, 2nd 11:06 and third 10:37. Pretty happy with these. The grass slowed me down but it was good.

Finished the week with 11.8 miles. Wow, second best week I have had since June! Maybe I can hit 17-18 this week and 20+ next week. We shall see.

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