Friday, October 3, 2008

Weird Shirt

On my way back from St Louis today I stopped in a fast food restaurant to grab some quick lunch. A guy walked by who was obviously riding a motorcycle since he had his leather chaps on. He had the weirdest t-shirt on I have seen in a while. It said "Organ Donor's Save Lives". Just seemed really odd that someone riding a motorcycle would be wearing that. After all, the usual non rider calls them Donor Cycles a lot of times which really annoys me, since I have one and bicycling is not much different, just slower and usually your not in the middle of the cars. I agree that being an organ donor is a good thing but I'm not going to advertise it on a motorcycle by wearing the t-shirt.

By the way, I did get 1.5 miles in on the treadmill at the hotel while I was away. It wasn't pretty though. We had just come back from eating at The Spaghetti Factory and I was still stuffed. Tomorrow I will try the new shoes out on the road and see if they hurt my feet.


Susan said...

I kind of agree about the bicycle; I don't feel nearly as safe as when running.

Arland said...

I think I have had more near misses running around here than on the bike. Not sure why, but we have had to jump in the ditch several times. I think some drivers just like to scare the runners.

gabsatrucker said...

Almost everybody I ride bicycles with in Searcy keeps telling me how dangerous motorcycles are but I've had more near-misses on the bicycle. I definitely feel safer on the motorcycle but on both you have to be more diligent in watching out for the other person.