Friday, December 12, 2008

BOSU Balance Training

About to go nuts not being able to run or bike. Last night I did a bunch of core/yoga and bosu ball training. I ended up making my own Bosu training that was kind of fun. I would stand on the bosu ball, balance then throw darts at an electronic dart game I have on the wall. Did give my lower legs and ankles a good workout and broke the boredom. I have found that over the past year I can stand on this thing forever. When i first started I could barely stand on it without falling off. It is good for strengthening lower legs and core. Along with that a few yoga poses, plank, side plank, etc seem to help a lot and I can see lots of improvement there over time. These help not only for running but biking too. Winter is a good time to work on strength even though it can be boring at times.

On a side note my Lithotripsy has been rescheduled from Monday to next Wednesday. Just more days that I can't run. It's making me nuts!


gabsatrucker said...

We have the bosu and an electric dart board too. But never thought about combining them. Fixing to try it out!

gabsatrucker said...

Ok, that was fun! Try alternating hands, that adds even more of a challenge.

Susan said...

Bosu -- that sounds like exactly what I need (post-baby, of course), as I feel I am weaker in the lower legs than I should be... and we could all use stronger cores!

Good luck with the procedure. You'll be back to your own self in no time!