Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New Treadmill Record

I set a new distance record on my treadmill last night. 8.5 miles. Probably set a new record for slowest time too. Average pace, 12:02. Think I could have walked almost that fast. First couple miles were good, 10:04 and 10:31 pace but pretty much went downhill after that. Maybe not all so bad considering a stressful day and the fact that I haven't ran in 13 days. I could have ran faster but my heart rate was so high I backed down. Maybe it was from the temperature or maybe it was just from the day. Either way averaged like 174bpm and that's too high for me on a slow easy run. Legs and foot felt good, started feeling a little towards the end but at least the foot isn't hurting bad. Actually could have went a few more miles. They would have been slow but I figured I better not. I actually enjoy the treadmill sometimes when the Ipod has some good songs and there is something to look at on the tv.

Now the bad, went yesterday and did my pee test again. I figured it would be perfect. Wrong. They called me back late yesterday afternoon and said I still had the microscopic blood. May not be anything but they want to do a CT Scan and see a urologist. Needless to say, this will screw up your game plan, especially the not knowing what the hell is going on part. May not be anything, but they want to do more tests to make sure. I don't mind the CT thing at all. But thinking about some urologist running a camera up the front end is pretty scary. I'd rather run in a burning house. So, now its a wait and see when I get to do this. Then the big question is, can I run Memphis? That's this weekend. Of course if I ask they would probably tell me no, but I really don't see what it would hurt at this point.

I hate waiting and wondering.


ShirleyPerly said...

I think running on a treadmill is harder than running outdoors. It always seems to require more effort to run a pace I think I could run easily outdoors. Same thing with cycling indoors. So I just go by time and effort and not worry so much about how far I go.

Anyway, sorry to hear there's still some question about your health. Medical issues are rarely convenient.

Susan said...

Gosh, I'm sorry. Having a camera ran anywhere would be unpleasant!

Regardless, I'll be out at St. Jude's and I'll keep my eyes open for you and your bunch.