Friday, December 26, 2008

Help - I'm getting Fat!

I am scared to even look at the scales after all the holiday food I have had. Christmas Eve we went to my sisters house in Otter Creek for a big dinner and to see my family. We had all the usual, ham, turkey, dressing, etc etc....oh and the sweet potato casserole. Of course I had to have some of my sister in laws banana pudding! Came back to Cabot afterwards, exchanged gifts with my kids at our house and then headed to Magness Creek to eat again. This was about 9pm so I had ham, mashed potatoes, and way too much other to mention there again. I was so stuffed. But it was so good. Food like this doesn't happen very often!

We spent the night there so we could watch Kylie do her Santa Claus. All this food is giving me writers block so I won't try to tell everything else that we did on Christmas Eve. Maybe Annette will post it all to her blog. Back to food though, Christmas morning we woke up, did the Santa thing and then Livia and Vonda cooked the most awesome breakfast ever. Annette told them this was much better than the breakfast buffet we had at the Hyatt in Memphis a few weeks back.

It still didn't end there. We came home about 1:00pm, did our Christmas. I had a little cat nap and Annette slept on the couch sitting up for about 2 hours. I guess Michele called and invited us over for dinner so we went over there about 6:45. Ha, another full course meal. Turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, corn, I was beginning to feel like I died and went to heaven. Or maybe I was sinking from all the extra added

I had planned on biking this morning since the weather was suppose to be warm but I was surprised to find out that it was misting rain. No bike:( Annette did get a run in but since I was self grounded from running I sat around and got fatter. Well, this dang cold doesn't help much, I'm hoping food will cure it...I wish. So after Annette got home and rested a little we headed off to pick Kylie up and go shopping. I was starving by then so we went and had Mexican food at a place called Cactus Jacks on McCain where we had never been. I got fajitas. It was good but the same type Mexican food that all the others have. I think they should all just be a franchise, even the menus look the same. I miss Tia's, now they had some good TeX-Mex style food.

OK, the good news is I didn't have supper. Well, supper consisted of pumpkin pie, and I can't say how many pieces. I think it may be time for an intervention! Well, all good things must come to an end and I gave myself till the first then its all out. I just hope that running is part of it.

Hope everyone had as great a Christmas as I did!


shaira said...

Triathlon is a key my friend. I've been there and thanks to a cycling event, I regain my shape.

Brenda's NEEDS to RUN said...

Arland - I am with you on the Holdiay eating WOW I never knew I could consume so much food in one week!!! Annette and I talked about it last night and we are ready to get back on our reporting to each other program and eating healthy again. Hope to see you on the roads next week!!

gabsatrucker said...

Ha-ha, my breakfast Christmas morning was pumpkin pie! We need to buy a new battery for our scale and like you I'm scared to get on it after the past week, lol.

Susan said...

Tia's -- oh the good ole days!

All I can say is... this, too, shall pass. You'll be your old eating self as soon as this holiday madness ends. For sure!