Sunday, December 21, 2008


I'll have to say, Annette, Brenda, Jane and Cindy had it today. They went and ran around 5.5 miles in 24 degree weather around a lake. They actually enjoyed it too. Except maybe for the shivering part afterwards. I was suppose to go but I was still feeling a little sick from the antibiotics I was having to take so I figured why be even more miserable with the cold. Good excuse huh.

Hey I did get a run in on the treadmill this afternoon. A whole 3 miles. Was actually hot, since the treadmill is in the house upstairs. Have to keep fans on me to keep cool and it still wasn't cool enough. I guess now I am so out of shape it showed on my heart rate. An 11:00 minute pace had me up to a 183 average. I usually race 5k at that rate. Could be the meds still wearing off too or maybe again I have to rebuild. I never did any walking though other than to turn a fan on. I think that's my new rule for the new year, no walking, unless of course you just can't go anymore.

I do have a big event to train for. Still not sure which full marathon I am doing. We have reservations in Nashville so I'll probably do the full there though I have thought about Little Rock and then doing the half in Nashville. Time is short for Little Rock though and I am on schedule for Nashville. The most exciting event though will be a new one for this area. It is a long course duathlon, basically a half ironman without the swim. 2 mile run, 56 mile bike and a 13.1 mile run. It is June 6th at Lake Beverfork in Conway and is part of the Ironmountain Triathlon. I am so excited to get to participate and not just be on a team. August 15th there is also an Olympic distance duathlon. This one is held at Lake Degray and it is a 2.5k run, 38k bike and a 10k run. Along with the Du for The Parks which is usually on Memorial Day, I should have some great run/bike multi sport events to train for.

Speaking of training. After January 1st, it is on! I don't have the plan together yet but my intensity will increase where no one has ever seen it. Of course, pending any injuries or other old age problems. I turn 50 on January 21st so I was really wanting a special event for my birthday but it looks like there will be none. Maybe I'll try for a 50 mile week running. Which I could probably do but it might not be too smart. I could do a 50 mile bike ride but that's just not really hard enough. Will have to give it some thought. Irregardless, I am going to try to be more dedicated to training harder. We do have the Grand Prix season to deal with too.

By the way, if anyone has or knows of any free long course duathlon training plans let me know. I will be looking for one though I could probably use a 1/2 ironman plan and just run for the swim part.

Stay warm and be safe!


Susan said...

FIFTY? I wouldn't have guessed that.

I bet your procedure and meds are slowing you down. You'll be speedy again in no time! (although I consider 11:00 to be lightining fast!)

gabsatrucker said...

If you do find a good duathlon training plan please share, I'm in search of one too. Everything is geared towards the tris it seems like.