Saturday, December 20, 2008

CCC Christmas Party

Friday night was the Cabot Country Cruisers annual Christmas party. For the past several years it was always held at someones home but the club has grown so much that this year we had to find a place to hold it. Ended up being held at the First Baptist Church in Cabot. It was nice as there was plenty of room. It was a big potluck and everyone brought some kind of food and a dirty Santa gift. Special thanks to Ginny who headed up the Christmas committee.

Club President David H. started things off with a welcome and announcing that he was stepping down as club president and turning it over to Jackie C. Well, Jackie was the perfect candidate. She was featured in Runners World Magazine about her Family Track Nights here and the Inspiration Run she started to the local schools. I know she will do an awesome job and the club will grow even more. By the way, I was told that our running club has a short mention in the January issue of Running Times. I haven't got a copy yet or even know if its out. Jackie was the point person on this too.

After the official stuff was over everyone ate and talked. These things seem so short when there is so many people you want to talk to. Especially since I haven't made any of the runs in a while and there hasn't been much biking activity. Well, other than Charlie W. who is still on his quest to break 10,000 miles again this year. He did it last year, and I didn't have the chance to ask how close he was but I know he is riding some almost every day. That's pretty awesome in itself.

After dinner the fun stuff started. Rick P. became the Master of Ceremonies with his guitar and microphone. He started things off with the traditional 12 Days of Christmas. Only thing was, for each day there would have to be one of the people from the group up in front of everyone mimicking whatever number they got. So, to choose who all the victims were, Rick started it off with picking the person for the 1st day. It was Tammy F., then she had to pick the second day person and the second day person picked the third and so on. Well, I got picked by Michele for the 12th day which was the easiest because I didn't have to do my part over and over again. It was pretty funny what some of the people came up with to simulate their day. When the song came to your days part you would have to make the gestures, some were doing bird was pretty funny.

We thought we were done but then came Christmas carols. Same thing here, Rick picked the first one, they would have to get up in front of everyone and sing the song. Well, for some it wasn't a big deal and lucky for me I didn't get picked. Annette got picked but she wouldn't sing so she got Kylie up there with her. Let me tell you. Miss Kylie was not shy at all. She wanted to be up there and later she even went up there by herself to do some singing and some backup vocals. It was too cute.

This was my niece Kylie in pink with two of Jackie's girls and Rick on the guitar

Kylie doing backup vocals

Finally we were to the "dirty Santa" gifts. I had never done one of these before and everyone that brought gifts were given a number. When it was your number you would go up and pick a present, any one you wanted. The next person up could "steal" your present if they wanted it. Then you would go pick another. There were several "thefts" but it was all in good fun and everyone really had a good time. I ended up with a pair of gloves and some liquid hand warmers.

Can't wait till next year, word is we will need a place for dancing too by then!

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Susan said...

I love Dirty Santa! Sounds like a great party. Expansion is good!