Monday, March 3, 2008

The Little Rockers

Sunday was a busy day. So was Saturday and I didn't even have time to write about it so here it goes. Saturday we caravaned with the Cruisers again to the State Capitol to watch the Little Rockers kids race. These kids had run at least 25.2 miles during the school year and today was their final mile of their marathon. It was pretty cool to see all those little kids out running and having fun getting fit.

Here they are running from the starting line

This was a bunch of the Cabot kids and runners from our club

After all of this was over we headed for the expo. It was not that big but they had a few good vendors. Nothing to get excited about but then again, this was my 3rd expo so I knew what to expect. Afterwards we all met at Corino's for carb loading. I think we took up half the restaurant. We had at least 20 plus Cabot Cruisers eating. Afterwards, it was home to start getting prepared for the 1/2.

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Susan said...

Cute cute cute! I should volunteer for those kiddos next year.