Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sunday Fat Burn

After running 22 miles on Friday I took Saturday off as a rest day. I still needed 6 miles to hit my marathon training mileage so Sunday afternoon I elected to do something different. My feet were still a little sore from Friday so I decided to ease the impact a little and try to get some miles in on the treadmill. In most cases I HATE the treadmill. But today I got the Ipod going, cranked it up and just ran. I wasn't really worried about a pace, I just wanted a recovery run and a few miles.

My treadmill is in an upstairs bonus room so Sunday it was fairly warm up there. I am trying to lose a few pounds before Nashville so I figured an added benefit might be some extra fat burning. The miles clicked away before I knew it. I guess after 22 miles 6 or 7 was nothing. Most of this run was around the 10-10:40 minutes per mile pace. I would have to stop every now and then to drink water. I have not been able to drink and run on the treadmill very well unless its a very slow pace.

It was so hot, I ended up taking my shirt off. It felt pretty good sweating from head to toe, why I don't know. I guess I knew that I was shedding some needed pounds and every pound lost equals added speed and less impact on my feet.

By the time I hit the 6 mile mark I was so pumped that I kept going. I turned my Ipod over to some Marine Cadences that I had recorded and this helped me get through that last mile. I could have kept going, but I didn't want to push it and risk injury. It really feels good to have my endurance back, even if its not super fast.

Monday was a planned rest day, actually I had to mow grass! I skipped Tuesday nights clinic as I had a fire department meeting that I needed to attend and on top of that we had torrential rainfall coming into the area. I think only 4 people showed up to run. Tonight I have to run, inside or outside depending on weather, at least 4-5 miles. If its not raining I will go to the track and do Tuesday nights speed workout there.

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Susan said...

WOW! So are you super excited for Nashville?