Friday, March 7, 2008

Training Update for Friday

This week has been pretty much a recovery week but I have gotten some good miles in. The weather has been CRAZY here. After 75 degrees Sunday, Tuesday morning we actually had about an inch of snow on the ground. Then today they have been calling for 2-6"s of snow during the day. This is March isn't it?? Things sure are weird.

As far as training goes, Monday night was cross training. I did some core exercises, worked arms and legs on the weight machine. I have been doing some core strengthening exercises that are basically yoga poses. Some of these were feature in one of the recent Runners World magazine. I can say they work. Annette and I have also been trying to eat lighter this week and that has seemed to pay off a little. I think I'm down 3 pounds from last week so I'm happy.

Tuesday night was our running clinic. Coach Dennis just had us do a recovery run since 95% of the people raced on Sunday. I ended up with 4.5 miles. It was hard getting Annette to slow down though. We kept having to remind her that this is a recovery run. My times were skewed a little since I didn't stop my garmin once when we were talking to Dennis but average pace would have been about a 10:20.

Wednesday night we were out at Krooked Creek, part of our normal neighborhood route we run but this time we were on the other side. A little flatter. Annette, Brenda, Michelle and myself ran to the high school to meet up with Rock who was going to do hill repeats. When we got there we did a few laps around the track before heading back. On the way back we just ran around the neighborhood streets. The girls ended up getting about half a mile more then me because I stopped to talk to Tim (Rock's husband) at the track. I even got him to run a lap with me! This also was suppose to be an easy run but again we kept having to tell Annette to slow down! I think she was pushing it because she thought she had a bad race on Sunday. Bottom line, the race on Sunday was hard for everyone and very few did what they expected. Here are the stats for that run.
Total Miles - 7.51
Time - 1:18:44
Avg pace - 10:29
1015 calories

Thursday night I opted to stay in. My legs were a little sore so I ended up doing my cross training with the core exercises, arms and abs. Then I jumped on the treadmill for a slow 2 mile jog. Actually I ended up getting 2.2. Slow and easy so it wasn't bad other than I always get too hot on the treadmill since there is not much air circulating.

Saturday we have the Chase Race 2 miler in Conway. This is a Grand Prix race and I have been really looking forward to it to test my speed. However, now with the snow coming in, who knows how it will be. Tomorrow morning the temps are suppose to be in the 20's at race time. If we do get the snow they are predicting we may not even be able to get there or they may cancel the race. One thing that is possible, if they don't cancel the race I'm pretty sure I can get there so if we can get our team to show up, we could rack up on the awards since a lot of people may not show up. Sort of a number game, but when your as slow as I am you need all the help you can get, especially in these Grand Prix races. The past two races new state records have been set so that just tells you the level of competition out there. That is motivation for me, and being out with our running group is even more.


Anonymous said...

Arland, I was thinking along the sames lines of "less people = more points." It will have to take more than cold temps and snow to keep me away. Are we crazy?

I keep telling myself that we ran in 12 degree on Tuesday with Dennis, so how bad can this be...

Arland said...

Ha...well, its only two miles. We can sit in the truck and stay warm then take off, be done in what 16-18 minutes? I'm pretty sure I can get there with no problem. If no other GP runners show we get ALL the points!

If it was 12 on Tuesday night, its going to be 10 below tomorrow morning!