Saturday, March 1, 2008

Six In The City - 11 hours to go

Its now less than 11 hours to go before I will be running the Little Rock 1/2 Marathon also known as Six In The City. This is the 6th running of the Little Rock Marathon so that is how they came by that name. I wish all my friends running the 1/2 and the full good luck and especially Cheryl who is running her 1st ever full marathon. Right now we have right at 50 Cabot Cruisers running in one race or the other so Cabot will be well represented. I'll write more tomorrow after its all over.

It's going to be warm tomorrow with 8am start time temps right at 60 degrees and rising into the mid to low 70's by mid afternoon. Here is my race attire all laid out and ready to go.


Susan said...

Way to go today, Arland!

cheryl said...

Thanks Arland!! We all did great!