Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July - why you don't drink and drive

Actually this happened on the 5th, but it was the result of activities during the 4th. Old glory is still intact though!

You can only imagine the adrenelin rush I had when my fire pager went off around 12:30am saying that there was a car that had run through MY station with a person entrapped.

Luckily the driver was so drunk, he never felt a thing and was out of the car standing around when we got there.

The car took out our overhead door, went into the station, damaged two fire trucks in the bay.

If you saw this up close you would wonder how they got our unhurt. Alcohol has a numbing effect and makes you straighten out curves.

One side of the car. You can see that something barely missed taking the guys head off through the windshield. I had several fire fighters that wanted to take his head off too. Since there was nothing we could do about it I had to put a positive spin on it. Now maybe we could get an extra bay added on! This made for a long night. Now the district has no fire response from my station until the Insurance and overhead door people can come out on Monday. We can't get the trucks out! Well, we could tear the door out but they are making us wait. What a crazy night.

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Susan said...

Yikes! Don't drink and drive...

When I was in 10th or 11th grade, a young woman came to speak to us about wearing seatbelts. She was in a HORRIBLE accident (sober) and was thankfully wearing her seatbelt. The photos were enough to make me never even think for a milli-second about not buckling up.