Wednesday, July 2, 2008

New Tires

Thats right, my baby has new shoes and now she can go faster!

Monday I ordered a new set of tires for my bike from Performance Bike. I bought the Vredestein Fortezza SE at a very good price and they came in a blue color to match my bike. These are 160 PSI tires and several of my friends are running these with good success so we shall see. There are so many different road bike tires out there to choose from it gave me a headache to shop for them. These were highly rated and recommended so I hope they serve me well.

Here is a pic with the blue slicks on


Anonymous said...

Dolce and Francesca REALLY like your new tires - we want PINK one's!!


Arland said...

Thats funny. Annette said the same thing. You guys have to wear those tires out first! Not sure if they have pink.

Susan said...