Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Foot

I went Wednesday afternoon and saw my foot doctor. In fact she is the same doctor that is treating numerous other runners in our club right now. It seems I have a heel spur, which has been caused by none other than the famous Plantar Fasciitis. Yep, I have it too, along with at least 4 or 5 other runners in our club. Mine is more in the heel, but the scary thing was that she said if I kept running like I had been, the boney protrusion could break off and go into my achillies tendon which would require surgery. To make matters worse, my big toe has some kind of injury to the joint, and it is not doing what it is suppose to do to carry its weight. Also I have some genetic bone defects where some of the bones don't line up like they normally do.

Bottom line, I can still run but I cannot do speed work. She told me not to do long strides or anything else where I have to be on my toes. Stooping, bending down, etc is included. Also I cannot go barefoot. And all of this is after I get orthotics. So, it sounds like I may never be able to run fast again, not that I ever was, but I was getting faster. I knew the speed work and races hurt more and the reason is because that puts you more on your toes running. Also we all know running puts more pressure on the foot anyway. So each speed session would tear away at that facia and cause micro bleeding which would feel like a stone bruise or cause a little swelling. It all makes sense the way she explained it all. Basically I have a bad foot, it might get better, but without orthotics it will get worse. So, I am waiting to see if my Insurance will cover the $450 cost. If not I'll have to pay.

This won't stop me from running, but I may have to run slower and go back to more of a shuffle. I might even look into speed walking. I think longer distance races will be the only ones I can compete in. 5k's, 10k's and 2 milers may be just too fast. I really don't like being told I can't do something so I may figure a way around that. This may call for an all new training plan and goals for running.


Susan said...

Well, I hate to hear all of that, Arland, but you're right to say that you may have to change your ways eiter for now or permanently. Good attitude! You could be completely down in the dumps, and you don't seem to be.

There is certainly no shame in sticking to longer races. Heck, I prefer them!

I heard no mention of not being able to bike -- so that is great, because you are one heck of a cyclist!

My insurance didn't cover my orthotics... but they have been immensely helpful. Couldn't do it without them! Of course, I already dread paying for the next pair...

Good attitude, my friend. You'll lick this. Your positive attitude plus your amazing Cabot runner support system will prevail!

Cheryl said...

Annette told me about your foot yesterday, hated to hear all the non-good news, but at least you can still run and bike. If you can't run fast maybe you could try something new, like trail running or ultras? Those would be right up your alley! You have tremendous determination, dedication and you like to run, I know there is an ultra club locally and lots of trail runners.

I wear orthotics every day for my high arches, my insurance covered a big portion of the ones from the podiatrist, but the ones I wear daily came from foot solutions. Be careful about the ones from the podiatrist, mine were way too rigid and I could not wear them to run in.

Keep up your biking and running, you can always run with me, I'm the girl at the back of the pack, never wanting to run fast, that hurts too much!