Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Grind

Sunday - recovered from Saturdays 100 miler. I'll have to say I wasn't that sore but I still felt dehydrated and tired. I had trouble sleeping and was up at 6:30am for some reason. Annette and I had a late lunch at Brickoven Pizza after that I felt great. Changed a flat rear tire on my bike then I checked Annette's and found that her front tire was flat too. I found a small thorn stuck in the tire so I guess she was lucky to have made it in. I'll have to say, her Specialized bike had the easiest flat fix I had ever done. I could do the whole thing without the use of a tire tool. Sunday evening I had a fire officers meeting, still waiting on the Insurance to pay off on my station damage. Seems like I responded to some fire call in the middle of the night too.

Monday - Mowed grass, front and back. The humidity was low so I figured it was a good time to get both done and out of the way. Not much time left after that to do anything. Another middle of the night fire call had me up at 2am.

Tuesday - Since I couldn't do the running clinic, I went to FD Training. We were hosting the Lonoke County Fire Chiefs so we had barbecue and all the bad stuff that goes along with it. After dinner we transfered the extrication equipment from Engine 62 over to my Engine 64. This has been needed done for a long time since my station is first due on Hwy 67/167. We always get the bad stuff. Even the fires are worse since we have the majority of the commercial buildings in the area. Had another 2am call, had to do a washdown to remove glass from John Hardin in front of the strip club where there had been a minor accident.

Work has been very stressful. One of our owners sons took over as President of our company. He had been our IT person so a lot of the employees do not have a lot of faith in him yet. We are also waiting on a new CFO to start so a lot of things that have to get done daily are not getting done. I guess I expect too much. Leaders have to prove themselves to their people so the outcome remains to be seen.

Sleep seems to be a precious commodity these days, fire calls are way up for some reason. Keeps things interesting though. I sure could use a good run.

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Susan said...

No rest for the weary!