Friday, July 18, 2008

Help I need an event planner!

It seems the things I have going on each weekend from now till mid September are filling up my calendar to the point I can't keep up. I found out last night that I can't do the 1/2 Ironman event on August 16th because thats the same day my daughter is getting married. I try to keep all these races/events in my phone and also my desktop but for some reason I forgot to list the wedding! You can tell where my mind is. Well, they did change the date on me but I had plenty of time to change the calendar, I just missed it. That was my big bike event for August so now I really have nothing to train for till the Big Dam Bridge 100 at the end of September. Hopefully I can get back to running when my orthotics come in.

I did get to do my neighborhood time trail route Wednesday night. 13.5 miles in 47:32 and that was with two stops for traffic. Gave me an average pace of 17.1 mph. I was 1 minute faster this week than last week. I did make some adjustments on the bike which may have helped. I set it up on my trainer and raised my seat about 1/4 inch and also moved it forward. Seems like this gave me a little more power and it felt pretty good. I also adjusted my cleats back a little to see if it would help with the pain I had in the balls of my feet during my 100 last weekend.

Annette and I had planned on biking Greystone Thursday night but after doing what seemed like Chinese fire drills at work all afternoon, I really didn't have it in me. Plus the temperature at ride time was going to be 95 degrees and I was still burnt out from Saturdays ride. Hills at 95 degrees and full sun is not fun training. And I knew Annette wouldn't enjoy it so we opted for dinner out.

Friday night, Saturday and Sunday I have a driver/pump operator class I have to attend at the FD so it's going to be a long, dull, weekend for me. I'm trying to scheme a way I can bail out of class early on Sunday and make the 1:30 group ride. My only other hope is that we get some fires so we don't have to sit in class all day long.

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Susan said...

I am VERY impressed that you keep schedules in two places!!!