Thursday, August 28, 2008


Me and running are not happy together.

This morning I ran 2.7 miles, foot and legs felt great but I could barely run 1/2 a mile without having to walk. I had an 11:02 average pace, almost as slow as when i started running in 2006.

After 9 weeks of less than 10 miles running per week I feel like I have lost my endurance. I can ride a bike hard for 50-100 miles so how come running is being this difficult?

Trying not to kick her to the curb.


Cheryl said...

How soon we forget, the first mile is always the worse mile, I doubt if you have lost your endurance with all the bike riding you've been doing. It's just hard to get that first 1 or 2 miles done.

gabsatrucker said...

I agree with Cheryl, your endurance isn't gone with that much cycling. If it's anything like what it was for me, it's more mental than physical. I was fairly sure that my body could do the run but was having trouble convincing my brain that yes I could do it. Actually, when Annette spotted me in Academy Sports in June I was voicing some of the same complaints that you are now.

Arland said...

I had the same thing happen back in the winter when I had my stress fracture. I really didn't expect it to be the same way since I have been biking hard for several months. There is just a big difference in the cardio/lungs between running and biking I guess. Thanks for the comments, it will get better.