Saturday, August 9, 2008

Nice Saturday Morning Bike

Had a great early morning bike ride with Annette and Bailey. Annette got up and ran 5 miles with Heather at 5am and then the plan was to do an easy bike ride at 6:30. Bailey came over and joined us. The temperature was almost cold for a change. It was cool crisp air which was really nice. Only took a couple miles to warm up and then once the sun came up it increased the humidity. Still wasn't bad. We did sort of an out and back route, South First to Kerr, Kerr to Gun Club, back on 89 to Pickthorne then back to Kerr and to South First. We never hammered much, I wanted to save my legs for the time trial on Sunday.

We rode on to Sonic and met Brenda and a bunch of the other Cruisers there for breakfast. They had all been running. It was nice riding to breakfast! And considering I burnt 1228 calories I probably didn't eat enough.

Finished the day with mowing, weed eating, cleaning the pool, watching some of the olympics and working a bad vehicle accident with the FD on TP White. I'm worried about the Time Trial tomorrow now, looks like the weather may not cooperate. I guess if its too bad we will have to reschedule.

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