Monday, August 4, 2008

San Francisco Marathon

Well its now history and the girls all had a great race. This was Baileys first marathon and they said at around mile 25, she wasn't ready for it to be over yet she was having so much fun. The four of them ran close together pretty much the whole race and had FUN. Thats what its all about. Wish we could have had the weather temps here like they had there! Congratulations ladies on a job well done!

Here are their final times and a few photos:

Michele 5:11:22
Cheryl 5:14:23
Bailey 5:15:54
Annette 5:15:55

Bailey's mom was crewing for them

Cheryl, Michele and Bailey

Annette, Cheryl, Bailey, Michele - it's actually cool there


Susan said...

Those times are AWESOME!!! Lovely pics, too.

WOW - fast girls!!!

Cheryl said...

Thanks for keeping everyone updated and posting the pictures! See you on Wednesday!

Rhonda Rae said...

Hey i randomly came across ur blog and was wonderin did yall get the trucks out of st.3 and were the 2 messed up?

Arland said...

Hey Rhonda, yes we did get the trucks out, the door is off and we are just operating without a door till they get the building repaired. The trucks only had minor damage but it totaled up to $5000.