Saturday, August 2, 2008

San Francisco

Annette along with Bailey, Michele and Cheryl are now in San Francisco preparing for tomorrows San Francisco Marathon. This will be Baileys FIRST marathon! She was so stressed on Wednesday night. We had a small group riding bikes and of course Bailey had to take off then so did I. We ended up talking a lot about her upcoming marathon. She will do great. Just had those first marathon jitters. Annette and Michele are on their 3rd marathon and Cheryl is on her second so at least they do know what to expect. The weather in SF looks great. Nice and cool, especially compared to the 102 degree stuff we have here. The girls are having a great time all the while I am stuck in Fire Department classes all weekend:(

Here are a few photos they sent me:

Michele and Annette

Michele and Annette in SF

Cheryl and Michele

Michele and Annette at the Expo


Cheryl and Annette

Bailey and her Mom

Yes Michele, your butt is fast!


Susan said...

Great photos! I was thinking of them as I did my miles this morning.

Kirsten said...

Such great pics!! I just read Annett's blog and she said you had the pictures posted, how cool for you to share the trip from home! I know they will run great races in that San Francisco weather!