Friday, August 22, 2008

I Run

Sorry for the lack of blogging but not a lot to report. Last week was so busy this week I am just catching my breath again.

I did get my orthotics in Wednesday afternoon. The doctor told me to wear them a couple hours Wednesday, three hours Thursday, add a couple more on Friday, etc until I got used to them. So who's going to listen to that?? I wore them probably five hours Wednesday then 14 yesterday. No problems, no soreness.

So last night I put them to the test. Was going to run a couple miles outside but a storm came up so I tackled the dreadmill. I got a good solid 2 miles running and added .6 walking on to it. Not fast, 10:44 and 10:22 pace but the good thing was, I never wanted to stop. I think I could have ran 5 miles easy. After not getting to run, that 2 miles felt pretty good and it was a relaxed pace. The foot? Well it did pretty good. I could feel a little heel pain but nothing too bad. The orthotics really jack the back of my heel up so that takes a little getting used to. I iced the foot afterwards and this morning I have no pain and can walk so thats a good thing!

The challenge now is to find the best shoe for the orthotics. I am not sure if my Nike Air Structure Triax 10's are the right shoe anymore. I wear Saucony Hurricane 9's most of the time at work and around the house. These feel really comfortable but they seem like they angle my foot a lot to correct for my over-pronation. The orthotics have that built in to them so I may need a more neutral shoe. I still have some Acics GT2120's and they look more neutral so I guess I will just have to experiment. The doctor really didn't have a recommendation other than experiment also.

Tomorrow we have a very large group of Cruisers meeting at the River Trail to run and bike. I plan on running at least 3 miles and then bike up to 50. Have to get some bike miles in for my Big Dam Bridge 100 training. So if your on the River Trail look out, there is a Cruiser Alert being issued.

I am glad to have the orthotics finally. Now I can get back to running, even if it may be slower.
Did I mention I have missed running!


Susan said...

50 miles -- holy cow. WOW! Go you!

I hope the orthotics work out well for you. I couldn't live without mine!

Cheryl said...

You may have to go up 1/2 a size in your shoes to get comfort, I know mine made the top of my feet hurt, but I did use the same shoes I had been using, just a 1/2 size bigger.