Wednesday, January 2, 2008

18 & .8 to start 2008

Since it has now become tradition to get a run in on New Years Day, I decided that since I was injured I'd add a little more biking to the mix. Since it was 2008 I wanted miles with 8 in it. It was too cold and windy to ride the bike outside so I set it back up on the trainer and took off for what I planned to be 8 miles. By the time I got to 8, I had just warmed up good so I figured why not make it 18. I had another 30 minutes or so to kill and I needed the workout. In about an hours time I had 18 done.

Then it was off to the run portion. Since I was still injured I couldn't run much but a little was ok so I opted for .8 on the treadmill. After 18 hard miles on the bike trainer, .8 was just fine. The good thing is, the leg felt great. So I guess you cold say I started '08 with a brick workout.

I looked back in my log for last New Years Day and I saw another tradition that I hope doesn't continue. I was injured last year too! I had IT band problems last winter. Annette, Kim and I still did a 3.1 mile run around our neighborhood though it was very slow for me. I think it took me about 35 minutes. I did miss getting to run with everyone this New Years. All I can say is that if I keep getting the bike training in that I am now, everyone better look out come spring time!

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