Sunday, January 20, 2008

Saturday's Run

Saturday was my longest run for the new year and longest since Tulsa in November. I met the Cruisers at the school as usual at 7am. There was a pretty large group, probably 12-15+ and it was about 27 degrees. We also had a pretty good north wind blowing right at us. Annette was running with Cheryl, Michelle and the Little Rock Marathon group doing 16 in the hills.

I started out good, running with the pack for probably a tenth of a mile or so but they quickly left me in the dust. For some reason the group runs always start out super fast. I looked down and I was doing about a 10 minute mile and getting left for last. Oh well, I was recovering from an injury. Andrea and Kelly were suppose to run with me but they stayed in the pack. It wasn't long before Kelly dropped back and started running with me. I never saw Andrea again as she stayed with the fast group. It was nice of Kelly to slow down and run with me as I knew she could run much faster. I used to be faster but I guess the time off took its toll. I still had some endurance as we ran non stop for probably 2.2 miles or more before having a walk break. The majority of the group was doing 11-16 miles but I only needed to do 6 or 7. We ran into Rock and Kirsten when we turned off of Hwy 38. They were looking to hook up with the other group so we directed them on the direction they were traveling. Kelly ran the whole way with me and it was very much appreciated.

All in all I had a decent run I guess. We ended up with 6.1 miles. I was much slower than my normal 6 miles but I guess thats just the price you pay for an injury. I know it will get better the more I run. Coach Dennis has cautioned me not to do too much too soon so today is another rest day. I will still end up with right at 15 miles for the week so thats a good start. I'll be trying to add a little more each week.

Here were my slow splits:
6.1 miles - 1:11:04 - 11:39 average pace
1- 10:15
2- 11:31
3- 12:02
4- 12:00
5- 12:22
6- 11:48
.1- 11:02
164 average HR - 840 calories

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Randy - Maniac #788 said...

Great run to get back into things Arland...glad you are back on the streets.