Tuesday, January 1, 2008

10,000 miles in '07

On an earlier post (http://runbikefirefighting.blogspot.com/2007/12/last-ride-of-year.html) I had mentioned that Charlie W. was about to hit the 10,000 mile mark biking for 2007. Well, as of last night he did it and was at 10,016 miles for the year. At that time he was ranked 97th in the country in mileage for the year. He also beat his 2006 mark by 3.5 miles. He said he was pretty much behind all year and in November logged 1113 miles and December 1009 to hit his goal. The amazing thing is that Charlie is pretty much your average guy, he works a regular day job. Is not a spring chicken like me nor extremely athletic in looks. However, in my mind anyone that can do this is an "athlete". He just proved that if you want to do something bad enough you can do it. This was a pretty big undertaking in my book and he did it. Very inspiring for those of us that can't make it out the door sometimes.

Here is a photo of Charlie nearing the 10,000 mile mark. Thats the bike he rides and thats pretty much the gear he rides in. So whats your goals for 2008?

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Susan said...

In 2008 I'd like to PR at a marathon!