Thursday, January 10, 2008


Ok, I've been slacking on posting and slacking on working out. I can tell it too. I think I have gained 2-3 pounds which sucks. I have actually been really busy with work and fire department stuff and sometimes it's just hard to get motivated, especially with an injury. But I have snuck a few easy runs in. I had Doctors orders to run a little this week anyway. I go back next Tuesday and hope for a full release so I can start back on my Marathon training.

Sunday night I got a nice run in at the track. I met Annette's sister Tracy there as she wanted to run some too. The first mile I did on the track, non-stop before she got there. I was slow but wasn't tired. After Tracy got there I asked her what she wanted to do and we decided that we would try a one miler non-stop for her. We did a warm up walk lap and then started our run. Pretty much it was at my marathon pace or slower. Tracy did great, and completed her mile without stopping. She actually beat her previous timed mile in the clinic and had a time of around 11:30. It's always nice to help new runners break a record. We went on and did another mile and she did fartleks while I just ran slow. We also did a couple laps around the turf just to show her how the turf felt and the different muscles it works. I ended up with a total of 3.42 miles for the night, giving me more miles in the first week of January than the whole month of December.

The leg actually felt great, but I didn't want to push any distance or speed work till after my doctors appointment. I now have full range of motion back in the leg and it is starting to feel strong again. The downside is, I feel like a new runner and seem very slow. I really didn't expect this much of a slowdown but then again I really haven't put it to the full test yet.

Last night I did a quick run on the treadmill. 2.2 miles at a fairly fast pace. .2 of that was walking for a warm up/cool down. I hate even using the pace on my treadmill because it is always slower than what it is outside. I think the effort on the treadmill may be more because there is not much air movement.

I really need to get back on the bike trainer some too but I have just lacked motivation this week. Maybe I will gain some big inspiration in the next few days. After my doctors appointment I hope to have some motivation and a plan for the upcoming Little Rock 1/2 Marathon and Nashville Marathon. Nashville will be 15 weeks out next week so its a perfect time to get started again. I really don't know what I can do different in training that I did training for Tulsa other than quit if I think I'm hurt.

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