Friday, February 22, 2008

Little Rock Half 8 Days Away

The Little Rock 1/2 Marathon is 8 days away. This time last year I was a nervous wreck. I had never even run 13.1 miles in my life and I was going to attempt it? Was I crazy? My longest training run last year at this time was probably 10.5 miles. I did race the 15k and had a couple other a little over 9 miles. I can still remember when I hit the 11 mile mark and I thought, I have never been here before. I have no idea whats going to happen. Will I die? Can I make it to the finish? Will my legs give out before hand?

Well, lucky for me I did finish, and at the time it was pretty tiring, about the same feeling I had when I finished my full marathon at Tulsa in November other than I could walk better. Last year I ran a 2:28. This year I have some goals but I really don't know what I will run. I'm thinking a 2:15 is my worst scenario but even though its just a 1/2, you never know what will happen on race day or how you will feel. This one could be a surprise to me if I do as good as I did at the 15k last weekend.

Annette and I just got back from eating at Olive Garden so now all I can think about is those 4 or 5 pounds I wish I didn't have slowing me down. If I could lose 10 I could be really fast maybe. But I really don't have the good willpower to diet. I can burn it off though, if it was only summer I would be 5 pounds lighter because I'd be sweating more.

I did a 2 mile tempo run last night on the treadmill and tomorrow I really don't need but 3 or 4 miles if that. Sunday we are planning on 12-13 and the weather is looking great for it right now. That means tomorrow I can run pretty much whenever I want. No early run for me:)


Jennifer said...

Looks like now you need to sign up for a triathlon! I live in Little Rock as well and I am going to do my first triathlon this summer. Wish me luck!

Arland said...

Well if I was a good swimmer I'd love to do triathlon but as it is I'll do some duathlons and maybe a team tri if I can find a swimmer. I really don't have the time to add swimming to my routine. Good luck on your tri though!!