Saturday, February 16, 2008

Photos from the 15K

Here are a few photos from the 15k. After the race everyone attended an awards ceremony which also included awards from the 2007 Grand Prix season. Vicki, our last years club president was inducted into the Arkansas Runners Hall of Fame. It was a well earned award for her as she has helped so many people in the local running community. Needless to say, after everything today I am pumped. Most of these pictures were taken by Marianne but I wanted to share as they are pretty good.

My super fast wife Annette and I. We both set new PR's today.

Fast girls - Cindy, Lisa, Brenda, Marianne. All won awards today, Lisa was 5th overall female.

Curtis, Marianne and me. Marianne finished Ironman Louisville last year and is training for Coeur de Lane, Idaho. She was first in her age group today.

Brenda, Cindy, Gary and Lisa posing for the camera

Curtis just moved into my age group this year but I'll have a hard time catching him

Me and Michelle

Bailey, her first race EVER

Joan and Vicki - these ladies lead the Cruisers and now both are Arkansas Runner Hall of Famers!

Cruisers before the race

Annette won 1st place in her age group and set an awesome new PR

Bailey, first race and 2nd place in her age group. What a way to start!

Group of winners here. Where else could one guy get his picture taken with 11 women!
Note Vicki in the center with her Hall of Fame award.