Friday, February 15, 2008

Saturday is Race Day

Thats right. My first official race of the season. Tomorrow I will be running in the River Trail 15K which is part of the ARRCA Grand Prix Series. I'm wondering if I am nuts for even attempting this. This was my second race last year and I finished it in 1:45:07 with an 11:17 pace. That was also with running 4 miles of the race into about a 25 mph head wind. That was one of the most miserable races I have ever ran. Prior to last years race I ran a 9.3 and a 10 miler which was my longest runs ever at that time.

Now this year I see no reason that I can't PR on this course. I did 10 miles Sunday at a 10:44 pace so hopefully I can at least hold that pace. I really haven't gotten all the long runs I need for this but 9.3 miles is no longer a big distance to me.

Again the weather looks to be a factor. 8am race time is calling for a 76% chance of rain and temperatures around 43 degrees. This should be a fun one. This will cut back the number of people racing so maybe some of the guys in my age group won't show up, ha, I wish! The Grand Prix series is very tough and the best runners in the state will be running this. I am running for the Cabot Cruisers mens team so hopefully we will have enough guys show up so that we can gain some good team points. I know Gary, Curtis and myself will be there. We need 4 for a team. If not I'll gain some individual points.

For me, I am trying to look at this race as a training run for the Little Rock 1/2 Marathon. My main goal is just to run a decent race and feel good about it and of course, beat last years time. It sounds like we may get rained on so this should be interesting. Can't say that I'm looking forward to this one but it is what it is. I'll be there and give it everything I have anyway. I'll give an update after drying out on Saturday.

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Susan said...

Good luck Arland! I was supposed to be doing that one... :(

I look forward to the race report.