Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Windy Wednesday Run

Tonight I ran Blooming Ridge and Krooked Creek with Annette, Brenda, Michelle and Robert. The temperature was really not that bad at our 6pm start time, about 48 degrees but the wind was really starting to pick up which made it seem colder. We didn't realize how windy it was until we would turn towards the north east. When we were running west there would be no wind and it would almost be hot but as soon as we turned the other way we were blasted with 20mph winds. Not only were we running into the wind but we were also usually running uphill when going in that direction.

I missed the clinic last night so Annette, Brenda and Robert were coming off of hill repeats. I'm sure this was not much fun for them. We basically run up and down the streets in the Blooming Ridge subdivision taking in every street. This is usually good for 4-5 miles. Often times when I was running into the wind and uphill I would actually pick up speed. I'm not sure if it was the wanting to get it over or the fact that the wind was pushing more oxygen into my body. Either way it worked.

Since we start at Michelle's house, our goal was to have 6 miles complete when we get back to her house. Then we were going to do two more. I won't go into all the details, pretty much just up and down hills and streets till we hit six. After we got back to Michelle's house we all got a quick drink and was off again. I sort of got left behind because I was downing some sport beans and before I could get my water open they were all gone. But it wasn't no big deal, I just ran a little harder and caught up to them. We made one big out and back through Krooked Creek and when I got back to Michelle's I hit 8 miles exactly.

It was nice to get a semi long run in the middle of the week. Since this was my first run since Sunday I needed the miles. And I'll have to say, running with these guys on this route makes me a better and much stronger runner. I was very happy with tonights run considering the terrain and weather.

Here were my splits:
Total miles - 8.01
Time - 1:23:41
Average Pace - 10:27

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