Saturday, November 17, 2007

11 hours and counting

I can't believe I will be running 26.2 miles in less than 11 hours now. Everyone keeps asking how I'm feeling, if I'm nervous, etc. Well, I am feeling great. I'm worried about my right leg/calf as I have had a weird twinge there for the past couple days but I ran 2 miles this morning and it felt fine. One of the girls told me that it was normal to feel stuff like that before a marathon. I have probably hydrated more in the past two days than I ever have. I have 4 packs of gels, some sport beans and some peanut butter crackers in my running belt. To top that off I will start off with a bottle of Accelerade and plenty of Hammer Endurolyte tablets to keep my electrolytes in check.
I have my chip on the shoe and everything is laid out. Still wondering if I put the race number in the right place and if I have the right shirt. It will be fine. If todays weather is any indication on tomorrow, it will be a warm run. Time to get to bed. I'll report more tomorrow after the race if I feel like it.

Getting gear laid out

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Susan said...

It seems that everything went according to plan!