Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Post Marathon Wednesday

I guess its time to declare an official injury. Ever since the marathon my right leg has been giving me problems. It started during the marathon and I ran with it. At times I could barely walk but I could run once I got started. It hasn't changed much since Monday. I can walk, but only very very slowly. If I put weight on it its ok at times, and then sometimes if I twist it a little I have a pretty bad pain. Sometimes it just feels like its in the top outside of my right calf. Other times it feels like it radiates all the way up to my hip. The calf itself is still very tight. At times I can put all my weight on the leg and it feels fine, other times if I'm walking it just hits like a brick and I almost fall from the pain. It feels a lot like my IT band felt last year when it was hurt but I don't think the IT goes down below the knee. So, I'm thinking it has to be either a calf strain or calf tear. Maybe even a tendon. Worst scenario would be a stress fracture I suppose. I really don't have a clue and it is very frustrating not really knowing. I can't seem to find anyone or any info on a similar injury yet. With the holiday it's pretty much futile to try to see a doctor. I do have an appointment Monday for a massage if I can walk then. So here I am 3 days after running 26.2 miles, not even able to walk to the bathroom. What I really hate the worst is the fact that all the nay sayers to running can say, I told you so.

By the way, I really did have a good marathon and would do it again tomorrow even if I knew I would be hurt. It was that awesome.


Susan said...

Awwww jeez! Uh oh. Maybe you just need a whole lot of recovery (as in, the same amount after a marathon that most people need but do not ever take the time to take). I hope it's nothing more. You did an awesome job at Tulsa!

Gobble gobble.

Kirsten said...

I know the frustration of injuries. You can heal though. I highly reccomend a physical therapist in LR. His name is Michael Dupriest, he runs 100 milers, is a great runner and an excellent PT and chiro. It sounds to me kind of like IT even though it is below your knee, I think the pain can be there sometimes with IT. Seriously, go see Dupriest if you can. Good luck!