Friday, November 9, 2007

Running Swag

With taper madness comes the increasing desire to spend money on running gear. So thats what I did on Tuesday. I have been wanting to try some of the CWX Expert Tights so I broke down and ordered some. I needed something that I could run in and also bike in when its cold and these are perfect. They also have the special muscle support features built in them. Since we are running a lot at night now I also ordered a Brooks Nightlife Hat. It has a built in flashing red light in the back and is highly reflective. Just to have an extra for the bike or run I got a clip on LED light also. On Monday I bought a new Nike bag to carry my gear in. Somehow I made it through the week without buying shoes. How I don't know, must have been the fact that work was crazy this week and I couldn't think a lot about running the past three days. I would like to give a plug for where I purchased the tights, hat and led. They had a very low price on the tights and they had free shipping too. I ordered on Tuesday and it was at my door on Friday.

CWX Expert Tights, Brooks Nightlife Hat, LED

Saturdays run calls for 8 miles. I am going to experiment running the first half at a little slower than marathon pace and then pick it up on the last half. I am also changing the walk breaks to every two miles. It will not be about seeing how fast I can do it but more about pacing myself for the marathon. So far most of my long runs start out fairly fast and then get progressivly slower. Just what you really don't want in the marathon but it's probably what will happen anyway. We will see how it goes.

I am a little behind on my mileage this week and missed my scheduled run last night. I was stressed from work and really didn't feel like running in the darkness. If it would have been daylight it may have been a different story. The traffic around my house is pretty bad in the early evenings so dealing with that in the dark is not fun. I'll make it up this weekend hopefully. I did get a quick 2.1 mile run in Wednesday night at relaxed pace. 9 days and counting till the big event and I am questioning everything and wondering if I have trained right or enough. I'll have the answer in a little over a week.

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Kirsten said...

Your training is in the bank! You're going to run great, can't wait to hear your story. Now is the perfect time to miss a run here and there, it won't hurt you to REST! Best Wishes--taper madness is no fun but you'll make it!