Friday, November 30, 2007

Tagged By Susan

I was tagged a while back by Susan so now I have to come up with 5 random facts about me so here goes.

1. I am very focused - sometimes to the point of obsession. If there is a goal or task at hand I'm going to get it done, whatever it takes.

2. I can drive most anything - about the only thing I haven't driven is an airplane. When I was 14 my Dad let me drive his 18 wheeler truck. Boats, cars, trucks, motorcycles, heavy equipment no problem. Fire Trucks are my specialty now being qualified on 10+ trucks in our department.

3. I love electronics - computers, gadgets, and especially 2 way radios. I am a Ham Radio operator and with also being a firefighter I have at least eight various 2 way radios capable of talking anywhere in the world. If you need communications I can get it done!

4. I certified many years ago as a Radiological Monitor with the Fire Dpt. What the heck is that?? Well, I learned how to use a Geiger Counter in case there was a radiation spill. Not that I would ever do it anyway, if that happens its time to RUN! Just one of the weird classes I have had.

5. I can fix almost anything. If its broke, I can fix it. It might not be fast but it will get done if there is anyway I can do it.

I am going to tag Annette, Cheryl, Kim, and Kirsten to reveal 5 of their random facts.


Randy said...

Hi Arland,

Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's great to meet another blogger that was at the same marathon. I'm so looking forward to the Honolulu Marathon, that is a story by itself. I'll add you to my list of folks to follow.

Great to meet you...btw...I'm a former volunteer fire fighter and industrial fire fighter.


Randy said...

Just read your post about your calf, I'm glad that it doesn't sound like anything more serious.

It seems we were close together on the finish at the Route 66, I did a 5:29. I too had started out with the 5 hour group but lost them at the first potties between mile 1 and 2. I could see them in the distance out to mile 17 or so but couldn't ever seem to make up the disappointing. Anyway I improved the time from my first marathon by 26 minutes so I'm proud of that. Hope to see you stoppoing by again....

Susan said...

Neat stuff! And if there is a leak, I bet you'll be the leader of the pack runing away! (at least pretty soon, anyway)

Kirsten said...

Hi Arland! Interesting facts, fun to read. I'll get to my 5 random facts, it might be a little bit, but I'll do it. :)