Thursday, December 13, 2007

Attempting to run again

Well tonight was the night. I took my brand new Garmin 305 out of the box, programed it and got ready to head over to the track for about 45 minutes of run/walk. Since the temperature was in the lower 40's it gave me a chance to try out my CW-X running tights also. My goal was to run the straights and walk the curves then see how the leg felt.

I started out with a brisk walk around the track. My marathon partner Jane was there running with Sara. It was nice seeing some people I knew at the track. After a nice warm up I started to run in the first straight. Well, it wasn't good. When my right foot would hit the track I could feel pain. I could still run, but not well. It felt about like it did during the marathon other than when I walked, I could walk pretty fast with no pain at all. I walked probably one whole lap before I ran again. Same thing, same pain. Hard to describe really, but it seemed to be more on the upper back of my calf. So whatever it is, its still not healed up.

It's pretty discouraging to not get to run when you can pretty much feel yourself sprinting around the track. The good thing is I still got some miles in. Even though it was more walk than run, I ended up with a whopping 2.6 miles in 45:25. Thats an incredible 17:04 pace. Probably the slowest 45 minutes I have ever logged but if it helps the leg I'd gladly do more.

I'm seriously considering getting an Ortho appointment but I have heard so many stories of mis diagnosis I just don't know. If I had a good diagnosis at least I would know what to treat and how. As it is now I'm at a loss what it really is. I would have thought that after almost 4 weeks of no running at all, the healing of whatever would have been much further along. As it is now, the only healing I have is that I can walk good again and fairly fast. Maybe I'm just getting impatient and need to give it more time.


Susan said...

I vote for a good diagnois! At least then you'll KNOW what you're in for.

You can do this! Soon this will all be just a memory.

Robert said...

I know this was not what you were hoping for. You have done a great job of giving it time to mend. I would encourage you to get in to see the doctor and hopefully get a good diagnosis and treatment plan. Then you can plan your recovery period and upcoming training. You're missed out on the runs. Praying for a speedy recovery.

Randy said...

I vote for a good diagnosis too. I'm still having some issues with my knee, almost a pain, but more of a soreness most of the time now. I too am trying to get into our locally recognized running doctor, he's a member of our club and has a good reputation. Good luck with your leg.

I'm so wanting to be able to do the Houston Marathon in a month, but I'm afraid I'm going to be told to stay off my knee. We shall see I suppose.