Monday, December 17, 2007

Ortho tomorrow

Well tomorrow is the big day. I get to go see a Sports Medicine Doctor at Ortho Arkansas. Does that mean I'm an athlete or just dumb for getting hurt? The Doctors name is Richard Nix and he is supposed to be a runner so hopefully he will at least be able to tell me something. The not knowing and trying to figure out whats going on is the hard part. Between that, deadlines at work, and the crunch to get Christmas shopping done I'm not a happy camper. Oh yeah and then there is the cold dreary weather.

On a bright note I went on the Christmas Lights Run with the Cruisers tonight. I wasn't even going to go but Annette talked me in to it. She got Kylie to go with us so i knew I would have someone to walk with. That little girl took off at the beginning though and I ran slowly trying to keep up. Annette and Vicki was there the whole time too so it wasn't bad. I think we got about 1.7 miles in mostly walking. What little bit I did run was more of a limping, foot shuffling run.

Afterwards everyone was invited over to Vicki's for snacks and fellowship. Had some great food and some great company with the other runners. We took Kylie home and she told her mom that she "did 1.7 miles". I failed to mention that I carried Kylie on my shoulders for probably 3/4's of a mile. Made for a good short workout anyway.

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