Saturday, December 8, 2007

Indoor Bike Trainer

I broke down today and bought me an indoor bike trainer so I could get in some good workouts when I couldn't ride outside. We have an old exercise bike but that is nothing like riding your own bike. With this I can even clip in, shift gears and change positions on the bars. About the only thing I can't do with it is balancing. Rollers would be the way to go for that but those just seem too risky inside. Maybe out in the middle of the garage or something. I did get a 30 minute hard workout in this afternoon while watching one of the bike races in Europe I had recorded on the DVR. I didn't want to do too much till I saw how my leg would feel but so far so good. The trainer will allow me to ride at night, rain, sleet or snow so I hope that I won't get too bored with it. Another thing I can do is make different adjustments on the bike and test them on the trainer. It beats an exercise bike for sure.

I don't think Annette will let me keep it in the living room though!


kim said...

I agree..not sure if Annette will let you keep it where it's at...I bet she wouldn't be too happy if she tripped over it on her way to one of our early morning workouts!

Hope it works out for you and you don't get bored

Susan said...

What a great idea!

Susan said...

I am now thinking of getting a bike trainer! I'd love to hear more about yours. Do you use it much?

You can e-mail me if you'd like. The link is on my profile page. Thanks!