Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wednesday Training

First off I'm tired of the cold and the rain. Is it summer yet?? The weather is calling for possible snow or freezing rain Saturday. Yuck. I like snow but I HATE the cold.

Today I made room reservations in Nashville for the Country Music Marathon on April 26th. Annette and I both are planning to run the full along with several of the Cruisers. I signed up for a free online training program they have and yesterday was the first official training day they had listed. Well, zero for me yesterday.

Tonight's workout called for cross training so thats what I did. I jumped on my bike and rode the trainer for a solid hour. I really like the bike trainer. It's not as boring as most have said. I get my ipod going and watch TV at the same time. I had a pretty good workout and my heart rate monitor said I burnt 618 calories. My average was about 75% of my maximum heart rate and I was sweating! I normally do a 5 minute warm up in a small gear, then move up to the big ring and start working hard for 3-5 minutes at a time, then dropping down a couple gears to recover. I'll alternate this several times along with working each leg seperatly and moving to different positions on my bars. Thats the nice thing about using your own bike and not a trainer, I actually can get used to my triathlon bars a little more. Varying the hand position also works different muscles in the legs so I'll time different positions. On a long bike ride you have to move around on the bars and the more positions you have the better.

After the trainer I did some abs, push ups and some stretching. I may attempt a run tomorrow night. I was tempted to do a brick tonight but I didn't want to push it. My leg doesn't hurt and I only feel it with certain ranges of motion. After almost four weeks of not running, I have about come to the conclusion that I need to run now to get things back to normal. Irregardless, if I do it will be very easy and very short. The ticker has started so its time to get back to training!


Susan said...

Hat's off to you, Arland, for taking the proper time off to REST your leg. Most people give in way too early, in my opinion. You are going to be stronger for it! And I bet you'll have a stronger appreciation for our sport than most, too!

Randy said...

I agree with Susan, way to go on the rest, hopefully you will reap the benefits from the rest.

Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on my efforts in Honolulu, I so needed that and they are greatly appreciated.

I see that while you will be in Nashville next year we will be running the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon here in OKC.